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  • Populaire


    To those who're inspired by our nonprofit organization
    Valable 12 mois
    • Unlimited Interviews, shows and projects state to states,
    • unlimited International Travels with GCPTALKS, Inc
    • unlimited access to fundraising and tickets
    • unlimited access with our new items
    • unlimited access with our Brand Ambassador video and project
    • unlimited fundraising bus rides
    • How much will you donate a month?
    • How much interviews do you want to participate in?
    • Whats your Genre?
    • Tell Us your name?
    • Email?
    • Cell #?
    • Tell the date you want to be interview?
    • Your donation starts at: $ 5
    • Your donation starts at: $10
    • Your donation starts at: $25
    • Your donation starts at: $45
    • Your donation starts at: $60
    • Your donation starts at: $80
    • Your donation starts at: $100
    • Your donation starts at: $200
    • Your donation starts at: $400
    • Your donation starts at: $500
    • Your donation starts at: $1000
    • Your donation is Other
    • Your donations are tax deductible with our 501(c)(3) / EIN
    • GCPTALKS, INC EIN 83-3626977 donations are tax-deductible
  • Purple Membership

    Tous les mois
    Perfect for donors looking to giveback to causes
    • Covid-19 benefits for the elders and the poor and others
  • Silver Membership

    Tous les mois
    Contributing to programs and Projects
    • Help us with Homelessness and feeding the poor
  • Donors donate

    Tous les mois
    Requesting donation of $25
    • Requesting donation of $50
    • Requesting donation of $100
    • Requesting donation of $250
    • Requesting donation of $1,000
    • Requesting donation of $2.900
  • Gold Member

    Tous les mois
    NY Arts and Culture tours
    • New York Trip to Counties
  • Bronze Membership

    Tous les mois
    Talented artists & our new beginners pursue & market you
    • Donors are being asked to fund our Bronze Membership
    • Talented Artists Participant can get their own donors
    • Participants get donors support of your choice
    • All they will donate is 4.99 a month other
  • Non-Membership or Membership tips

    Tous les mois
    monthly, it's your choice to give your funds as it matter and does go a long way with helping
    • us to care for community giving.
  • Monthly Membership

    Tous les mois
    Annual or monthly membership is for low-income families and individuals who can afford to support
    • the organization.
    • It's a fair amount to start with,
    • which will help keep members in the organization
    • who can continue to make a difference. ​
  • Annual Membership

    Tous les mois
    Annual membership is where GCPTALKS receives its contribution,
    • and members renew yearly.
    • Your unique membership anniversary is vital to the function
    • of the organization.
  • For 100 Members. Veterans Monthly

    Tous les mois
    Veterans Monthly Dinner Membership,
    • Veterans Monthly Dinner Membership to meet and greet with
    • the community.
    • Conducting speaking sessions inviting others to join as we
    • share a meal, listen to music, and hear new talented artists
    • ' renditions.
    • It's a chapter of where we are coming from and going. ​
  • Overall Charity Membership

    Tous les mois
    Annual membership for GCPTALKS charities programs of giving outreach programs and recurring
    • donations to the continuation of helping the vulnerable

    Tous les mois
    Annual membership includes donations to further the upkeep of the building and maintenance
    • of the GCPTALKS office, program, workshop, projects, and
    • , and headquarters. ​
  • Programs and Projects Membership

    Tous les mois
    Annual membership allows our operational process;
    • to take place, including a recurring donation to upkeep
    • and to carry on with events ads, and hiring organization
    • staff.
  • Lifetime Gold Membership

    One-time payment for GCPTALKS membership ID number is-
    • to the nonprofit Organization GCPTALKS: Your personal member
    • granted for life; it never has to be renewed again.
    • And you will receive a special letter from the organization
  • Affiliate Membership

    1 000$US
    Tous les ans
    annual membership for nonprofits or corporations
    • that want to become affiliate partners with GCPTALKS. ​
  • Celebrity Status Affiliate Membership

    1 500$US
    Tous les ans
    is an annual membership allowing fellow stars
    • to join the GCPTALKS benefit concerts for their commitment
    • to community awareness and facility programs and projects.
    • As you select your choice of membership, you will notice
    • buttons for membership detail.
    • Click the Papal link to proceed with the payment ​

    Tous les mois
    Hop on this Fundraising Bus Drive and learn ways to make charity works.
    Valable 3 mois
    • GCPTALKS Free Bus Trip Meet-Up