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Membership is essential to the success of an organization. Our organization will be allowed to grow with your help. Members and supporters keep our organization prospering, so we can reach the needs of the people we advocate for. Whether promoting a benefit concert, speaking with donors, volunteering an hour or two, writing a grant proposal, reaching out to donors on the phone, or scheduling a marathon, It's a charity's duties that are our concerns. Furthermore, writing a song that reaches out to donors and other singer-songwriters can help make an impact. It's reaching the community, city, nation, and global leaders—prime ministers, presidents, and every head of state. It's the everyday members of the community, it's you who help to keep GCPTALKS moving and developing, and we appreciate your vital role and commitment in our fight to give back through community giving.

Please note that GCPTALKS is a registered charity under 501(c)(3) and that your donation is tax-deductible. When you donate, you receive a letter to file your taxes. GCPTALKS is a federal nonprofit organization based in New York. And serve the humanities through art and culture, etc.


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Membership Price Options

                               $1500 Celebrity Status Affiliate Membership is an annual membership allowing fellow stars to join the GCPTALKS benefit concerts for their commitment to community awareness and facility programs and projects. As you select your choice of membership, you will notice buttons for membership detail. Click the Papal link to proceed with the payment


                               $1,000 Affiliate Membership annual membership for nonprofits or corporations that want to become affiliate partners with GCPTALKS.


                       $500 Lifetime Gold Membership

One-time payment for GCPTALKS membership to the nonprofit Organization GCPTALKS: Your personal membership ID number is- granted for life; it never has to be renewed again. And you will receive a special letter from the organization. One-time payment membership.

                                $250  Programs and Projects Membership Annual membership allows our operational process; to take place, including a recurring donation to upkeep events, ads, and hiring organization staff.

                                    $180 GCPTALKS FACILITY Membership

Annual membership includes donations to further the upkeep of the building and maintenance of the GCPTALKS office, program, workshop, projects, and headquarters.

                                       $150 Overall Charity Membership

Annual membership for GCPTALKS charities programs of giving outreach programs and recurring donations to the continuation of helping the vulnerable

                                        $100. For 100 Members. Veterans Monthly Dinner Membership, Veterans Monthly Dinner Membership to meet and greet with the community. Conducting speaking sessions inviting others to join as we share a meal, listen to music, and hear new talented artists' renditions. It's a chapter of where we are coming from and going.


                                    $25 Annual Membership

Annual membership is where GCPTALKS receives its contribution, and members renew yearly. Your unique membership anniversary is vital to the function of the organization.


                                    $15 Monthly Membership

Annual or monthly membership is for low-income families and individuals who can afford to support the organization. It's a fair amount to start with, which will help keep members in the organization who can continue to make a difference.


                                   $5 Non-Membership or Membership tips monthly, it's your choice to give your funds as it matter and does go a long way with helping us to care for community giving.


                                                      Join and select the amount that you can give monthly and annually.