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Director of Fundraising

902 East 40th Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA



Directors Fundraisers Description


The Director of Fundraising

Operation Director of Fundraising

This department director of fundraising shall manage the board liaison fundraisers Department. Board Liaison fundraisers at every fundraising planning and agenda shall submit in writing the purpose of the fundraising. 90 days before any fundraising. The founder and President as well as the Treasure shall be notified.

Board Liaison Fundraiser

Officer who is assigned to carry out the duties of raising funds under the guild lines of the Director of fundraising. These three chamber Board liaison fundraiser will engage in fundraising for the Board of Directors. The adviser Board of Director, Chief Board of Director and the Executive Board of Director. Therefore, the Founder and President is also a Board of Director who shall have a Board liaison Fundraiser who personally conducts fundraising, so the board members can carry out the board of director's ambitions. Awareness of the organization will be benefited by these funds and overall expenses under the agreement of the member-body. Board member in the chamber do not have to use their funds as funds will be raised to help operate the organization awareness and issues affairs.

Board Liaison Fundraiser

Contact Agent

Garth Thompson

1718 600 7263

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2024 nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization Location

902 East 40th Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA