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Sensitive, Classified Document Submitting

GCPTALKS officials have access usaged only

A message from the Founder and President, Garth B. Thompson. since COVID-19 our nonprofit has been changed substantially and considerably with New York being one of the main states in the United States with sets of holdbacks. Our nonprofit organization has no choice, but to establish a platform on the GCPTALKS website to keep the organization active with daily, weekly, and monthly agenda in order to keep the operation in full development. Therefore, this platform is designed to give those working from home a format for our many files and document processing and completion of our affairs and which will allow staff to obtain stipend for their work. Letters for our programs and projects will be sent from here to the head quarter's office within  America and around the globe.

 You will now be given a special assignment with deadlines and dates, 7 days a week/ weeks, and months to complete. These work from home, task documents are sensitive and will be acknowledged as classified (Info) information that the nonprofit would not share, before or when this or any assignment (s) are done.  Not all staff will get to work on sensitive assignments. But non-classified materials will be given. You  WILL then have a chance to work from home, out, and around the United States. 


The Founder and President select who is on the list.  To be a classified staffer for the nonprofit, you will need five references,  in order to engage in sensitive work. And a letter from your local government, We will tell you what that should be. If you have a job- we need a letter, if you have been working there for five years. You need to submit a notary letter and a post office address, plus resume?

Working from home will allow us to keep staffers and those who depend on our services and support to gain and receive updated news and be benefited from our resources. You're not allowed to use this page if you were not authorized by the Founder and President or appointed officials who would give you permission.  If you submit a document that we had not directed you to fulfilled or knowledge you assigned to. It will be a disregard to work from home. Therefore, you will not be compensated for this work from home, by our nonprofit!  A letter shall be sent to the assigned candidate who will work from home by the Founder and President.


Working from home for GCPTALKS, Inc, working from home all High Ranks Officers Must state their names first and last? Senior Vice President, Assistant Vice President, Board of Directors, All Department  Directors, and Secretary of society. The meeting Secretary of minutes and other tasks.

Jr: Staffers will have permission by the Founder and President to work from home. And they must fill out an agreement understanding!

Our Treasurer, and assistant deputy of the department, Fundraising Director, and Marketing Director, Natural disaster Director, and staffers in the chamber and our accountant, as well as our lawyer, do have access to this page.

This message has been brought to you by the Founder and President of GCPTALKS, Inc 


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