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                                      GCPTALKS, Inc, GCPTALKS.ORG

                                    nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization 

                                             GCPTALKS FUNDRAISER 

                                    Arts, and Culture, Media Coverage

                                          GCPTALKS MULTI-PURPOSE

                                           OPERATION. The Founder, 

                                          of GCPTALKS & its partner.


                                    and President Garth Thompson.

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                                        GCPTALKS, Inc, GCPATLKS.ORG

                                      Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Organization

                                               GCPTALKS FUNDRAISER

                   Arts, and Culture, Media Broadcasting Coverage

                     of nonprofit fundraising and update news and    

                      Interviews of talented artists with assignments. 

                      Full operational development on humanitarian  

                         Dire needs support. The General, Operations,      

                                    Procedures, Policies and of the

                                     Bylaws and the Constitutions. 




         Bylaws development

        GCPTALKS Founder and President slash Director Bylaws          and Stewart of the Board of Directors, and, as well as holding the         chair- as chairman


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Giving the structural understanding to GCPTALKS senior and junior staff members, the United States government and other nonprofit organizations, and for-profit, incorporation understanding, the GCPTALKS structure, and policy. The document message means that the U.S. and all organizations, whether you come to the knowledge or have an interest, in the GCPTALKS organization. Furthermore, GCPTALKS bears structure in its rights as a nonprofit organization to govern and more. Our fiduciary responsibility of Nonprofit Boards and the chamber officers under GCPTALKS Bylaws.





Fiduciary Responsibility of Nonprofit Boards.

Business Judgements Rules. Fulfilling the fiduciary responsibilities of nonprofit boards, protect the board numbers from personal    liabilities,

  • Duty of care

  • Duty of Loyalty

  • Duty to Act Sincere Faith 

  • Duty of Obedience.

  • Protection from Personal Liability

 Information if needed.

Fiduciary Responsibility of nonprofit Boards—Charity Lawyer Blog


The Guide to star nonprofit and candid organization will give you additional information on the structure of the organization format.

  Founder and President
   Senior Vice President +
of Operation and staff
Deputy Vice President + Special Vice President
Deputy in charge of facility operation and outreach programs and projects, fundraising and foreign issues affairs etc. The Special Vice President is in charge of chamber procedures, filing documents, voting Ambassadors, Volunteers, Junior staff, Government interest and organization and for-profit Etc.   Executive Office Manager

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 Chief of the Board
The Board of Directors
______________  ___________  __________
Only three including the Founder and President and as the Stewart of the Board of Director. With one from the Island of Jamaica

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A Section of our structural message

 January 14th 2022

Brooklyn, NY Flat bush

Outreach promotional stories and guide to the understanding of GCPTALKS.ORG

GCPTALKS cares, as our compassion for humanity is more than you who are watching could ever imagine.


Still, without your participation, you can never experience our interest and love for humanity unless you are a part of GCPTALKS campaign for community dire needs.

If you have a tip of understanding with that love and companion, starting today encourage that someone who maybe with that tip of care  or understanding. 

We require charity believers with that community support to come along and start building their legacy for the next generation.


And now that we have a crisis of COVID-19, it's imperative that each one encourages someone to do the right thing or keep yourself as safe as possible.


Practice your act of kindness that will, in return, inspire others to do good for community and keep that tradition of kindness continually. 


GCPTALKS is community encouragement nonprofit organization with reaching out, and always willing to be of help to a cause.   


With Garth Thompson, dreams of doing good for humanity, it's not an overnight dream or approach. During his adolescence years, he has been working diligently to form his empire that would give back in many ways more than one. Giving back to  disadvantaged communities within the United States, and it's territories, and to Allies. 


Be of support by becoming a donor at this time for the many things I  have explained, and for what may come tomorrow.  GCPTALKS is a 501(c)(3) organization established to give you hope that you can be seen, heard and receive support for your dire needs. 


Volunteer  in the best way that you can as well, and make your community proud. And encourage someone to donate? Start at, 5 dollars, donate  10 or 15 and other?

You will receive your tax-deductible letter when you donate! Your donation will help to support the nonprofit  to provide masks and helping people on the street with a hot meal!


My Story with someone on the streets of Brooklyn, New York. 

This is an experience I had on January 14th,  year 2022. I'm walking down the street on flat-bush avenue and this lady ask for two dollars. At first, I didn't respond, I continued walking hoping that she would repeat it again.  I am uncertain if she did, but I said to myself, I can't ignore her.  I walked back and gave her two dollars, then ask her what happened. The reasoned I asked was because as a nonprofit Stewart I want to know, so I can be of encouragement.  And with providing information on where she can go to seek support. 

I then walked over to the restaurant and spoke with the manager and explain to him of my recent encounter.  My Life lesson experience with a homeless person and right away the manager said the next time you see her tell her to stop by the restaurant and I will give something to eat.  I Garth Thompson could not wait to tell her the next time I went to get her right after showing, her to him as she stood across the street. 


Now she came over, all three of us spoke, and then I ask him to tell the working in the restaurant  to prepare a meal for her. He did, and I was very pleased that I helped someone who didn't something to eat.

I have a strong belief that all human beings on earth  that are a live now have the power within to do good. If it's in you, there to do good, there is noway anyone con stop your passion for humanity unless god allows it to happen. While you can help to make a difference, create or continue to do all you can for humanity now.

Donors give back today, your funds will go along way. Help GCPTALKS to be of help to your community?