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Become a sponsor with the option of choosing your package to purchase. Therefore, after the processing. That's when your brand will appear on the website in the slide. Note that you will receive a tax-deductible letter to file your tax.

Donate, Mask, Tote Bags, Shirts, Pants, Male -Shoes, Lady's Shoes, Furniture, Cars, Houses, Groceries, Gift-Boxes, Tents, Homeless packages, and as a company or individual. You will receive a tax-deductible letter. Donors who donate funds will also get a tax letter to file their taxes. If you give a gift value of 1000 and over, your business gets; to run on the organization's site for as long as you want or for life. And unisex wardrobes. Etc.

4IMPRINT.COM donated gifts worth over $1000.

Make a sponsor payment and have your brand run on the GCPTALKS.ORG website as a sponsor who contributed.

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