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The Full Volunteer's Story



The  GCPTALKS volunteer team are those we can never forget, as they are our Soul force of supporters to our nonprofit organization and the charitable efforts we make toward giving back to communities. When this happens, the pouring out love and caring of others by our volunteers reaching to support we must honor their volunteer support as they donate their time. 

Every volunteer individual is a self-donor, and we should make it possible to value their time and value their family, who is a part of their giving. If it weren't for a family who started giving back from home, most volunteers would not be here with us today. Society has raised volunteers to give back, as well, and volunteers may be our only hope and dream because, without them, we wouldn't have been this successful as we are today. So GCPTALKS is why our volunteers should be allowed this opportunity access to our volunteer Committee established only for volunteers, "it's" their strong belief and dedication to the dire need and with efforts willing to give back.

When honoring volunteers and their services of engaging with the dire need of the community they are assigned to treat with care, GCPTALKS will acknowledge their work. And how GCPTALKS plans on supporting volunteers in their complete task is by selecting who gets to be "appointed, in the volunteer committee. Where do we encourage each volunteer to play their role in a good and satisfying way?  BY completing their task to the best of their ability. 

New inputs of volunteers shall automatically go into this section of the volunteer class. "Do all the good you can, volunteer first phases. Volunteers' second phase will lead to you receiving a Pin with our logo stating, DO ALL THE GOOD THAT YOU CAN?

Our volunteers of GCPTALKS, we are willing to do good by you through the first level and second Pro level before you join the volunteer committee.  GCPTALKS volunteer committee members will benefit our farms and other benefits provided for you. The volunteer fundraiser program and projects will invite the volunteer committee to join  GCPTALKS special projects, which will also benefit, the volunteer committee.

When you volunteer with us, as a volunteer, you receive benefit care through this program volunteers are. And projects will beset, for when you are sick, you will receive a caring card showing that you are a volunteer with GCPTALKS. More details here contact us?  

(1) Volunteers for or with a cause, and we will support your volunteer committee card. 

(2) Volunteering with a cause will get you to support the portfolio of volunteer benefits.

(3) GCPTALKS volunteer committee development is creating you to be a force for a society that will transform you and your community.

(4) GCPTALKS nonprofit knowledge for volunteer committee classes for the betterment of community causes.

(5) GCPTALKS food Pantry programs and projects outreach.

(6) GCPTALKS volunteers become better mentors for the youth, elderly, homeless, cancer patients, Diabetes, Colon cancer, Lung Cancer, and all other diseases.  


(7) GCPTALKS volunteer homeless hot soup members programs and projects.  

(8) GCPTALKS volunteers helping with youth sports high school and college sports benefiting community. 

(9) GCPTALKS volunteers helping with the elderly giving back the elderly community causes.


 (10) GCPTALKS volunteer helping with giving back handicap in sports and events preparation for causes.

(11) GCPTALKS volunteers help with parks events for causes benefiting child or children cancer and farming for a proper survival diet.

GCPTALKS potential volunteers and for who are already volunteers and volunteers committee help today by becoming a volunteer team force, ever than before.

Help GCPTALKS today with becoming a volunteer force for causes?
Potential Volunteers superstar at heart.

Sign up by filling out your application at contact us 


GCPTALKS Volunteering Mission

The nonprofit GCPTALKS operation development

Involve volunteers. Our nonprofit multi purposes talented artists interviews.  The Charity programs and projects for our causes.  Host for the GCPTALKS nonprofit organization interviewing talents artists.

GCPTALKS Volunteers receive development to do more

GCPTALKS receive volunteers support of students.

The volunteers gain help from churches.

GCPTALKS, the nonprofit to get help from companies.

Help is needed from the community for our programs and projects.


GCPTALKS Volunteer Committee Vision

  • All five borough of NYC dream of having 1000

  • All United States volunteers should 5000

  • GCPTALKS Volunteers Committee farmworker of 500

  • GCPTALKS Volunteers Committee events members of 100 

  • GCPTALKS volunteers Committee for office task 50

  • GCPTALKS nonprofit and charitable benefits for causes with volunteers Committee team force leading the task.

  • Volunteers Application Join Us - Your  Inquire

 The nonprofit GCPTALKS Volunteers Committee vision Learn more