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Entertainment Soldiers

GCPTALKS.Org Charity Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The Entertainment Soldiers are not the soldiers that fight army battles, yet these entertainment soldiers hold the title and seal as humanitarian officers with honors. These entertainment soldiers join charity organizations benefiting community causes. And so, far, the charitable duties by these God-gifted philanthropists are from a different mindset, entertainment, soldiers and more of outreach soldiers giving back to communities of dire needs.

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Mutafari  Entertainment Soldier singer songwriter

Our Story

Everyone who has a heart for humanity understands the human cry GCPTALKS,  Founder and President, select and appoint a unique person with enough patience and willingness to help make a difference.  Our community, talented artists' titles come after biography and interviews, and charitable assignments, then come to the installment, as the iconic entertainment soldiers. The organization seeks to have good quality people around who share our interests. But the best approach is to select and appoint noble entertainment soldiers. 

Don't ask to be assigned as the entertainment soldier for GCPTALKS; the titles can only be presented, by a set of rules, so you can't request to be appointed.  Therefore, it's about who you are, that's, how you receive this selected and appointed position.

Several noble entertainment soldiers around the world are of global interest.
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Duties thereof.

Entertainment Soldiers Duties
Responsibilities List 

 A. Start a program and project for charity nation and international
B. Work with the recording label and marketing Dept nation and international. 
C. Present material to the Brand Ambassador
D. Follow appointment with officials 
E. Meeting poor community students  and for workshop
F. Meet adults in the poor community 
G. Present your headliner's status at bookings and start advocating for the youth to join charity workshops. 
H. Entertainment soldiers meeting with local leaders, meet with national leaders.
I Entertainment, Soldiers conduct large charity concerts
J Travel overseas for a charitable conference and marathon for fundraising

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