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 according to our policy, our Host, shall take lead and ask a question that will surely make a great impact on the viewers and interviewees, questions asked will base on Biography of the talented.  Discussion about Community service, Support and who will benefit along talents giving back are questions to be expected. In our interview session, the host will ask that you give back to Garth Charity Projects, Inc and its projects. Inc

 Host Takes Lead


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Being talented and presenting your voice along with acting skills on the set or on stage is a formal way of giving back to society now!

Our interviewees  talking about themselves and society needs

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Host: Sasah Diva


 Caring for our Community on and Offline

Taking our community offline is when we film on the street of New York and elsewhere with talents, we are the ideal and those with interesting information willing to share. Booking to be on the GOP TALKS, interview requires a form or Email of your biography or letter.  Are you ready  for your interview, and to participate in our nonprofit Garth Charity Projects, Inc