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To be awarded as a superstar by the way in which you inspired us. Your inspiration gives our nonprofit hope and admiration, to show that we care for those who think of others. You are being awarded today as we are showing and sharing the love and attention you gave to others, also you're being awarded because of your empathy for humanity. All nonprofit and for-profit will receive an award at our special event award-gathering. Local government both former and current will receive an award and other public servant officials and non-officials. When you give to humanity you receive the (SuperStar Awards)

America stars for causes

Super Star Awards award

Because of your brave approach towards making society a much loving and friendly environment, we want to give thanks to you for your incredible deeds. And as we knowledge, you now, we do wish to share a warm feeling which is to say that we are also inspired by your thoughtful and courageous acts. Therefore the U.S. nonprofit corporation multipurpose charitable organization Awards you, it's most top of the class United States Citizen, ever, so productive loving public figure and human being ever to know and loved throughout this era. We now present you with the SuperStar Award for being you. 


Thanks from GCPTALKS, Inc you have made us all proud.

GCPTALKS, Inc Awards for greatly inspired achievers

Media Giving GCPTV


We're a charity nonprofit Media coverage organization for both GCPTV and GCP Radio established to serve Americans of all ethnicity rich and poor weak and strong we do not care what your belives are. Our approach is purely about humanity fulfilling our humanitarian dues is what inspired us the most as we bring you or engage you to our greatest awareness affairs understanding and approach. You will get our news by GCPTV and GCP Radio about fundraising and breaking news about any situation that needs to be aired. We shall communicate to the public about our mission which many, but first interviewing talented artists by their biography to become Ambassadors to address causes and the nonprofit operation. While the Brand Ambassadors advocate on presenting the organization brand and that includes Charity- Fundraiser, Products, Images, series of tapings, Projects, Sports, Agricultural-Farming, Habitats, Hot Soup, Health Awareness, Scientist Research Programs, Students Scholarship, Food Pantry, and More

GCPTALKS, Inc Media coverage programs and projects will inspire talented community who are looking for an escape, these are just some of our interest for the public to be informed about.

GCPTALKS, Inc is GCPTV and GCP Radio is a Media Coverage Multipurpose nonprofit GCPTALKS, Inc Corporation. It is established to interview talented artists who are pursuing their escape. And to interview non-talented and the public on issues at large. This nonprofit in its Bylaws carries lots of programs and projects. We are a registered charitable nonprofit where we raise funds for dire needs support and services for humanity's cries. We do extend our warm support and services to America Allies. Those who present their Biography will be on the interview list to be interview-based solely on their bio profile. After the interview has been completed it's the responsibility of the Founder and President to review, select, and appoint the most suitable candidate to be the Brand Ambassador, office Ambassador these department advocates for the nonprofit best interest. And this is how this nonprofit was registered with Ambassadors presenting the operation of the organization. I Founder and President Garth Thompson has share details to the public that are key and vital information.

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