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GCPTALKS, INC, is the multiple nonprofit and, corporation, working with talented artiste throughout the United States of America and beyond the USA territories, giving ethnicity an opportunity to present themselves on our set, engaging, interviewing, Concerts-Events, Tours, Auditions, Rehearsal, Marathon Funding drive, Awareness walks. And a wide range of conducting Fundraising for society awareness issues.


Advocating, for Garth Charity Projects, Inc, GCPTALKS, INC  shall speak on behalf of its partnering corporation on the GCPTALKS, INC shows which is a privilege to inform the United States of programs and Projects intended to give aid to, community programs and, up and coming talented artiste who in return will give back to society dire needs. Funds will be raised for the sole purpose of giving aid to awareness issues and projects.  If and when funds are raised no entity programs who did not properly address their position and purpose will not be recognized as a needy entity to receive funds-aid


The GCPTALKS, INC hope to bring about its message and purpose along with full understanding to a wide range of the "General-Public, we shall interview talented artiste and their biography and thereafter present our portfolio. If the performer is a super-gentleman or a super-lady and outstanding human being. Our Host will judge your experience and submit the selected performer. Thereafter, the Founder and President shall appoint, the official superstar and entertainer, if it is, a non-entertainer but, a business person or individual of the good and noble standard he or she will be appointed under oath to carry out an Ambassador duty.  Titles for our officials, will be established, for certain persons on many ways, as how they will be address as Ambassador such as giving them a name base on their current genre. If you are an entertainer you will be addressed as Entertainment - Ambassador. If you are from the corporation business world you will be addressed as corporate Ambassador. And as for government, Ambassador who are former government official will be address as Statesmen or woman Ambassadors. 


The GCPATALKS, INC already have officers and Ambassador, and so we do not want to compare Ambassadors are the same, so we will differentiate the terms of the way we title Ambassadors. 


The terms, if you have read these terms let it be that it's only for you to read and not copy or use for any personal gain! Copying is strictly prohibited. Do not sell or share, even so, do not form an entity base on our development here and throughout the  GCPTALKS, INC or partner non-profit. Should you be using any materials of this non-profit corporation and or Globally, keeping the contents as your own as these are confidential and private materials and it's our rights to pursue a legal case. If you are using any property of GCPTALKS, INC, immediately delete our materials and, any message and any attachments from your system. It's simply a violation of the GCPTALKS, INC and the state of New York and the United States of America 

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Our Fundraising and Donation programs has been the key main function of all projects within GCPTALKS, INC


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