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Organization Operations

The Organization Operations is finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Featuring our community organization operations is the work of managing the inner workings of our nonprofit organization now and for future agenda. Giving mankind the needed  resources for hope, and to cope in life. So, life pursuits manage well through your difficult times ahead in order for things to be effective as plans.

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Our Purpose


Operational programs and projects operate under the guidance of the founder and president of a management director. Therefore, an installed director of operation will carry out the functionality of the strategies set as planned to manage our approach based on what can improve the charity. It's this department. That will lead the executive office manager to the guidelines as to what steps to take moving forward. The Ambassador Department will work with the operational department to get things done for the betterment of humanity. As it "pertains" to the Secretary of Society role, that office shall work shoulder to shoulder on a common-sense plan with ways that benefit the organization's operation. Our purpose now is to bring the information to a charitable platform where we can get the support needed. While the operational department is working hard on the organization side, both the chamber and the Cabinet will discuss matters that can make things better and not worse. The charitable operational interest is what we will work with and understand our approach to the organization's goals.
Every office department understands and carries out the policy. 
Your office shall function as the Bylaw and Constitution order.


  • Managing Outreach needs

  • Helping the needy

  • Raise funds for causes daily

  • Homeless

  • Poverty

  • diseases-Cancers- Breast-Cancer, Lung-Cancer, Brain-Cancer, Heart-disease, Colon-Cancer, Pancreatic-Cancer, Blood-Cancer, Other

The Executive Director of Operations. And office, chief development Department manager. The chief development officer is responsible for the comprehensive planning, implementation, management, and oversight of all fundraising, communication, and community relations and activities. But only addressing a concern when needed to, and with that being said. The Fundraising director has the full rights to function within the office director's fundraising capacity.

Here in this nonprofit -organization, the Treasure would have more control of the funds being managed as the more rightful officer to safeguard and be more accountable.
Whereas the Executive Director of operations is in a high-rank position to practice transparent to this department and others of the

Eight operational Funds policy

  • Operation Program Funds

  • Operation Office Funds

  • Operation Insurance Funds

  • Operation Project Funds

  • Operation Emergency Funds

  • Operation pension funds

  • Operation retirement partner

funds of and

Operational development of job opportunities.

  • Department office manager officials.

  • Deputy operation official.

  • Liaison operational officer.

  • GCPTALKS, Inc. liaison and partner operational officials.



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Director of Classified Portfolio

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Director of Art and Media 

Director of Agriculture, & Food Pantry

Director & Mgr. Athlete Coach 

Foster National & International Sports

Outreach General Manager

Manager. Community Health Funds

Manager Student Scholarship Funds

Renowned Stars for Causes

Additional Office 

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Board Liaison

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 GCPTALKS, INC is our non-profit corporation based in New York. It's a Media coverage Multi-Purpose nonprofit serving U.S. and, Talented Artist escape. While paving the way for the community of dire needs. Therefore, conducting interviews with the public and artists for causes. Above this paragraph, you can donate 1.00 or any amount you wish. this will support our programs and projects                                                                                         for humanity's cries. More Details