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Garth Thompson Founder and President

The Founder & President 

Garth Thompson arrived at a point in his development of the two nonprofit organizations, and These two were established to work on programs and projects for the dire need. National and International interest. Talented Artists and Ambassadors joint duties.

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The GCPTALKS, Inc is the voice for Garth Charity Projects, Inc. The media coverage multi purpose nonprofit organization will advocate on programs and projects.

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Garth Charity

The Garth Charity Projects, Inc shall  work side by side with GCPTALKS. And Caribbean and USA issues are awareness issues affairs  that these nonprofit will work to serve communities.

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About Me

About me, I Garth Thompson and my vision. As we all have a story to share. Here's an opportunity to introduce myself and tell donors about my dreams. I have always wanted to serve my community through an in-kind programs and projects platform. Now I am at the point of my life to do something dynamic. It all started because of people who believed in me. And also my dreams.

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