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What We Offer


What we offer
Charity giving. And hope to receive your funds that can benefit whoever is eligible for charity receiving and charitable support. 

Charity Giving +
Charity Donation Received


GCPTALKS Ambassadors For Giving, it's a humanity cry.

aka GCPTALKS, INC   |   Brooklyn, NY   |

GCPTALKS fundraiser

Notice of the GCPTALKS charity giving, giving back, is of in-kind.
Individuals faced with hardship will receive in-kind support.


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Donors for Charity

Donors giving TUESDAYS for charity supporting the needy. Help an individual going through a short hardship or a long term dire need crisis.



Charity Giving

Donors after you donate to us and those we are on a list will receive a letter. The charity giving letter stating they are our charity giving receiver. 

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Charity Gifts

The gift you receive could be of what was donated to us for you and your needs. And your gift could be from donors and well as the organization.

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Charity Services

The services that we give is a part of our programs and projects as to what we do. And it's the operational policy and our fiduciary duties. GCPTALKS, Inc is interested in your needs.

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Charity request

To ask for your charity support  you must start with emailing us about your needs.

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Charity Received By

If you are on a list, or you were acknowledged by the nonprofit organization you will  be on the receiving list. And be the first to know! Subscribe below?

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Taking each person story one  moment at a time is what we take dear to our hearts. Every chapter of  story need special attention, and we are here for the awareness affairs issues.

Founder and President Garth Thompson