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 The CHIEF BOARD OF DIRECTOR Click REPORT TO DUTIES. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly. Years 2019 through 2020, 2021.  This office is collecting requests on the board of directors and their assignments. The order from the Founder and President is that the Board of Directors keeps a review data folder. The special Vice President  works in the chamber as well as in the office of the Founder and President. Details. Learn More

 Giving back is to stand up together, this will help to

GCPTALKS fundraiser for community giving

Project Awareness

It's the nation's responsibility to provide not only for its people who have experience with facing hunger and homelessness but also for individuals, who are patients and survivors of diseases, and who need a better health care institution. As we work diligently towards your dire need; and the needs of others, our golds are to conduct fundraising to serve. We want to share your purpose as well. Garth Charity Projects. Org; was established to care for societies, youth, sickness, Poverty, and other community issues awareness. Therefore, those who can benefit from the Maroon Town, St James health center need to reach out. And the United States of America nonprofit organization can share more details. Visit our link to learn more

Project of Ethlyn and rains Thompson. 


Conducting fundraising is the supportive lifeline that allows us to create hope for poverty and hunger. And provide in many ways for our neighbors and nearby communities.

To create hope is to make a difference in our community through your donation contribution. Support us now to allow possibilities.


This is an effort to get the support that will give us the funds we need. Donate  

humanity cry  Ethlyn and Rains Thompson

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Restaurant Hot Soup Work Shop. The nonprofit is programmed to give to the elderly and homeless. And to the poor. The needy shall receive a meal/hot soup at a given time during its particular announcement for giving to the needy. 


GIVE YOUR TIME TO OUR NONPROFIT TODAY Garth Charity Projects is a partner of GCPTALKS and together they both will make a difference for the poor and needy.

Project Dire Needs


GCP Garth Charity Projects Community is a part of you so give back to dire needs? logo with community dire need