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Executive: SNR VIP of Operation:

This office of the SNR Vice President of operation shall work daily to make sure that the non profit is within good standing of the law and legal standing of the non profit gcptalks, Inc no officer or office should conduct any misconduct. It is this office that will make sure before any other office step in, it shall be the office of the Senior Vice President who carry out the duties by the direction of the President.

Communication Vice President:

Its is this office that will make sure the gcptalks information that needs to make public is broadcast, only this office shall advise the Founder and President on the best way to air the news and to in ways in which the public should receive the news about gcptalks, Inc This department will work diligently to assure the host and talents what are the best steps to take to make their story marketable. When it comes to interview and talented artists and their work, using their biography is what we shall interview them by. It is this department who will develop a working portfolio to be presented. The Ambassador Agenda starts now!

Director of Art and Media: Every talent who have an interest in us will be asked by the Director of Art and Media to join for concerts and Fundraising. This office shall set up shows all around America and International.

Director of Agriculture & food Pantry: In America and Jamaica this office will work towards farming to benefit two agenda. First planning to benefiting the non profit and secondly giving back to the poor. We hope to feed those who are in need. And dire need situations.

Additional Office 

Original  GCPTALKS logo on of Transparent   office three page
Original  logo of GCPTALKS and Transparent  logo on office three page
Original  logo GCPTALKS on office three page
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