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  • Greetings, potential team players, would you like to take part in our social distancing education by standing, apart from the public at large, if, so will you engage in this understanding approach and at the workplace, and elsewhere many do not understand the essential role to play on keeping themselves safe? 

  • If you are interested in this campaign to participate in the effort, to keep others safe, then join? This is what you can do, write to us saying you’re ready to take, a social distance-approach, on the social distance stand apart campaign. 

  • Get others to join in and before you know it everyone will be onboard doing Their distancing, on social distance. Take a Standing! 

  • We are talking about educating you and others, so you can understand once this video and photos are presented globally, we willfully getting you to get a grip on the understanding of social distancing. Six feet apart. Social distancing.

  • Now to everyone who wants to participate in our programs and projects it takes a video showcasing along with, your family and friends, and strangers standing six feet apart? 

  • In these standing, you do need to have on a mask, or if not, a mask a handkerchief ties around your face covering your nose and mouth area which will do? 

  • COVID-19 advise: Your nose and mouth are the two most essential parts of your body that needs to be covered at all times in order for you not to be infected by COVID-19 but the reader to be alive. When they are safely covered then your life is secured. At this moment you need to secure the most vital parts to keep alive? Therefore, wash your hands and cover your nose and mouth ware gloves and do not touch your face! 

  • Join the GCPTALKS.ORG Stand on taking a Social Distance, Stand towards eradicating COVID-19 pandemic (CORONAVIRUS) that take lives starting infecting you through your lungs.

  • Welcome to now talk your cells out and start your videotaping and photo shooting 



To learn more about Us and, to get involved or to receive an invitation to our workplace online, visit.  Scroll down, and submit your email today?


Help us to save lives, by practicing one of the best distancing medications, by keeping a space between you and the next person and as we stand, walk, or shop for food to eat. Make sure to keep your hands clean as well as you washing your fruits and vegetables and wipe bottles and cans items in which you’re taking home for you and your loved ones. And box items must be sanitized at the store or home. You’re taking a stand to wipe out and stamp out COVID-19. Join Us in the fight the end COVID-19. That’s what we are about to do, eradicate this COVID-19 pandemic that is about to wipe us off the planet! 


Visit, our website, scroll down to the very bottom, and type in your email address?  Yes, this means, be on the lookout to receive updates about social distance standing and other awareness affairs information!

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