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Dear performer with your talent pursuits you are being invited to the gcptalks taping to share your dreams with potential fans. Our viewers want to get to know you as you will be asked to engage in society's charitable task.

 The Non-Profit songwriters, and  singers' charity

Garth B. Thompson is officially asking songwriters and singers to adopt the charitable songwriters package and become charitable and responsible with giving back through lyrics. Become an official entertainment soldier -giving back to societies. Our non-profit has acknowledged your music and lyrics talent, now we would like for you to participate in fundraising that will benefit the needy, at any given date and time.  Note that this is our request and if you are interested we can book you for society awareness fundraising for a cause. You're now acknowledged for our projects and events. Welcome by Garth Charity Projects org and


Outcry Humanity Cry Out Garth Thompson (song)
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for interested candidates for performance.

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Outcry Humanity Cry Out Garth Thompson (song)
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