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Joining in a conversation about Garth Charity Projects, Inc Starts here.


The is a nonprofit Co-Voice to Garth Charity Projects, Inc and which it speaks for the main nonprofit Garth Charity Projects purposes. Its the mouthpiece on many fronts, of many issues for the Garth Charity Projects, from within the United States and along Jamaica West Indies where the branch is located.


Advocating while allowing other supports to join in the conversation for the betterment of these communities. The United States Talents and other entities will be called on to share their opinions. At the same time, other Awareness affairs will be addressed. 


Therefore, is a media outlet that produces tapings, promote an interview for the Garth Charity Projects, GCP TV, and Radio shows. Speaking mainly on the interest of talents biography and the Garth Charity Projects, Inc portfolio.



Speaking on the interest the communities and Garth Charity projects in a studio on a set term agreement two times a month, on the Garth Charity Projects, Inc property.

With genre bringing their stories to be heard. In the mean, while the Garth Charity Projects hope to confront and present the envelope of our portfolio.



Voicing the needs and events of Fundraising for society dire needs, projects, youth activities, Health Care, Homeless, Food Pantry, Agriculture, Diseases,  Habitats, Talent- Biography, and Student School Ship. The Garth Charity Projects, Inc plan on helping to support those who lose a limb, A specific level of amputation-also- known as trans-radial, a bilateral amputee, a person who is missing or has had amputated both arms or both legs. If he or she missing both legs below-the-knee it considered a bilateral BK
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