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Executive Deputy Treasurer:

The second most important office in the treasurer of gcptalks, Inc is the Executive Deputy Treasurer who shall manage the office of the Fundraising Director, Marketing Director and the Natural Disaster Director department. Making sure that the funds they advocate and received by donors are certified and seal. The Executive Deputy Treasurer additional duties is to make sure fundraisers develop a strategy and money they campaign for is use for the purpose they are intended. And other policy behind.  More Details 


Fundraising Director

Our Fundraising Department guidelines and policy, is that this office shall raise funds every month and every year. There are annual periods when fundraising must reoccur on the same date/ and month of every year. Every 15th of every month the Fundraising Director will hold a gathering  to collect Funds. Funds raising event such as a Bus ride, Boat Ride, Zoo Trip, New York Tour Trip, Marathon  run or walk drive Funds. Additional Fundraising even planning.


Online Fundraising and Donation

The Fundraising Director is responsible for funds received and promise. The Fundraising Director must share fundraising data with the executive Deputy Treasure. Fundraising raised shall be certified by Fundraising Director and once Executive Deputy Treasurer. Notify, the office of the Executive Deputy Treasure shall proceed with certifying funds- received from the Fundraising Director Department.  More Details 

Funds raised will use for what it was intended. And funds raised, shall be given to programs within the corporation, and shall again be used only for what was mentioned at the beginning of the fundraising campaign. Not favors, no wrong doings, shall be allowed. The Fundraising Director will enforce the policy of no wrong doing. All funds will hand over to the Treasurer department after each fundraising session expires.   More Details 



The Funds, if it was intended that the fundraising mentioned that funds was to be disbursed to each department budget. In our policy of fundraising and, at each fund- events a portion of the funds being raised shall be given to the GCPTALKS Funds which will be disbursed to departments of GCPTALKS, INC   More Details 

Official Officers meet to discuss purpose of funds and intended supporter portions of funds and department disbursement procedures. Fundraising Director, Marketing Directors Vice President and Executive Treasurer and Executive Deputy Treasure, And must attend the office of the Secretary and Executive Deputy Secretary. When discussion has come a hold the secretary shall brief the Founder and President. And the Secretary will give a copy to the Board of Directors. Therefore, the Board have the right to review discussions and so shall the Founder and President.  More Details 

The corporation policy is written this way for officers above to take charge and talk about the funds and if needs be the Founder and President can make a present in the meeting at any time. The Board of Director and the Founder and President shall wait on the certified funds purpose and Disbursement.  All officers in the meeting shall sign their signatures.  More Details 

Marketing Director

To the Marketing Director of this department, your job entails, that you raise funds for the sole purpose of first, stipend. Your weeks, months, and years must be set on a calendar. And every schedule must be as plans. Therefore, companies that we're affiliated with must be treated with respect and straight to the point understanding of our motto must be delivered at every given time. More Details 

Companies agreement must be presented with a letter, and seen as a file document. We will ask entities to fund our programs which will be several. For the year, starting with January or month

Companies can agree to fund GCPTALKS, INC for twelve 12 months, with three sets, of months joint within four steps package. Months out of the year, This brings us down to four sets-month of three s of months. More Details 


The Marketing Director plan is four months. January February March. April May JuneJuly August September. October November December Three-Sets of month joint in a four-month package plan.  Three month  January February and March months fundraising plans. The April May and June months Fundraising plans and the July August and September Months Fundraising Plans And the October November and December months Fundraising plans policy More Details 

The Marketing Director department must submit a proposal to companies asking them to join a plan giving funds which will be use for stipend. Officers will receive stipend for their services, And officers will not profit from these stipends, but gain payment for services renders. We're providing or giving (a service, help, etc) money serves as a reward for services. More Details 

Stipend and Volunteers: If you sign up for stipend and Volunteering, you will receive stipend but a different plan Policy. Your-Stipend varies. More Details 

When Stipend funds are raised the Marketing Director will  certify the total and present the envelope to the Treasurer Department for it final certification.  The Marketing Director fundraising is not only about stipend but to raise funds to market the GCPTALKS, INC 

 More Details 

 The Marketing Director is the official officer for this department and plays a vital part in the corporation GCPTALKS, INC as well as the Fundraising Director.  More Details 

Natural Disaster Director

It's this department, of the Natural Disaster, which will work diligently on society emergency, Flood, Storm, Fire, Homelessness, Poor, Hunger and youth programs Extended projects Etc. It's the Director who will advocate for humanity cries and raising funds to give aid to awareness issues are one of the many ways how this department operates. The Director will address companies for funds for ideal programs, such as diseases  and community health and one of this responsibility of this department is to make sure GCPTALKS, INC plans are met.  Such as the Garth Charity Projects, Inc )Health Centre  Maroon Town St James community benefit Plans And (adoption for Maroon Town St James Benefit Policy)  Student Scholarship  Education Benefit Plan Policy  and More Etc. 

More Details 

The Natural Disaster Director, shall raise funds and certified funds raised and pass on the certified Envelope to the Treasurer department. And the Treasure department will Certify to confirm  The Natural Disaster funds will be carefully review by the same officers above, only that the Founder and President or his Secretary and Executive Vice President will sit in this meeting to discuss matters and then present to then Board of Director  proposal for a review setting up a budget. And Vote.

More Details 

The Natural Disaster Director must be in this meeting.

Ambassadors package:

Understand our GCPTALKS, INC corporation every given time that our host interviews a talented artist  by his or her biography and present the charity and multi purpose non profit, GCPTALKS, INC to the public, the assigned Ambassador will carry out our policy.  Under the Secretary of Society  the Ambassadors will advocate their policy.  More Details 

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