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“MEJOR BRAVE'S BIOGRAPHY! Godwin Ogbonnaya ONU is the last child in the family of six, five boys and a girl. He hails from Ebony state of Nigeria, in west Africa. He is a talented young star, a model, singer, actor, he is also a good author and poet. Mejor Brave had authored about five books and one of his novel titled IMMACULATE DAMSEL had been recommended for the primary schools in of the Nigerian states. He lost his mom at the age of five and since then, he had lived with his father and his elderly siblings! Before he lost his dad in the year 2013. His Education! He attended the community primary school where his teacher used him as an example for the fellow pupils for his academic excellence. He later went to secondary school at Union Secondary school in the town and obtained his O'level certificate.. During his school days, he evolved himself in so many school activities, although he was the School prefect, yet he participated in the school drama, Comedy club, football game and singing competition. Right now he is the University reading English and literature, at Nnamdi Azikiwe University. Since his secondary school, he is a great fashioner and he like it when he is showing his model talent in the front of the camera. "I discovered that I have to plan well and pursue career in acting, singing and modeling, so I don't need anyone to tell me that " Although, he is not getting sponsors from anyone, but he had tried to join one Modeling agency in the year 2015, but was duped. My vision: I want change my society, I want make it easier for the people who are coming after me, because I live in a society where no one cares about you until they see you getting on top. I always go to the the motherless baby just to give them the little I can get, sometimes. My career, I am not doing it for a selfish gain but to use it and change the society. And also to bring hope to my people who are highly degraded. I will be pleased if I get any encouragement from Garth Charity Projects. ” 


—  Mejor Brave, Nigerian