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GCPTALKS fundraiser

Charities Benefiting

                         St  Childhood Cancer

  What are the benefits of donating money to charity?

                         Inspire Additional Donations

                             Cultivates Generous Kid

                                       Feel Wealthier

                      A Great addition to Volunteering

                                Become More Thankful

                                  Improve Your Health

                                   Double Your Impact

                       Receive a Tax Deductible Letter

                Giving to charity makes you feel good

Giving back and giving to charity makes you feel good

Donors, way of making an impact

Charities Benefits, Operations, Funds benefiting.


Charity Programs and Projects.

Benefiting Diseases,  Benefiting Childhood Cancer, Benefiting Adult cancer, Benefiting Food Pantry, Benefiting Youth Development, Benefiting-Youth and adults Education, Benefiting Youth Sports, and Youth and Adult Community Work Shop. GCPTALKS FUNDRAISER for charities' benefits and supports public awareness issues affairs.

Charity benefits come from our GCPTALKS nonprofit organization as a long-term to support the fight against childhood and adult cancer.

The GCPTALKS nonprofit will conduct fundraising to give support benefiting all cancer patients.

Food Pantry support benefits the poor communities and individuals faced with hardship.

The GCPTALKS programs and projects are here to do all the good it can for the disadvantaged.

GCPTALKS youth development in sports and workshops platform to teach and educate the communities at large. 

And Youth. Our giving programs and projects will create a purpose for those willing to pursue their escape.

Fundraising programs and projects will highlight events for giving back to society's dire needs.

Who we are raising funds for St. Jude's Children Hospital. And homelessness. Natural Disaster. Food and Earth Quake and Fire. 

Garth Thompson Founder and President. Vice President. Board of Directors. Outreach Director. Fundraiser. Ambassadors. Brand Ambassadors.  Charity Programs  Liaisons. Charity Projects Liaisons. Entertainment Soldier. Talented Artists. Headliner Spoke's person

DONATE to St Jude's Children's

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