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Garth Thompson Founder and President Garth Thompson
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Founder and President

Garth B Thompson


Talented Artists this is your moment, not only to have an interview or shine but, to embark on a duty that you have never expected.


A duty that you yourself have never encountered, from this moment on it will be. And because of your inner goodwill. The way in which you were raised to do good for your fellow humanity by your parent, grandparent, and also other family members. Your kind-hearted ways can also stem from a leader and or mentor in your country and or a faraway land. It is all good still. I Garth Thompson, got my care for humanity from my late grandmother who would not leave one child on Sundays going to church or any other given day when she happens to meet someone of my peers back then.

My late grandmother, Ethlyn Thompson, being the kind-hearted soul that she was, the way in which she raised me, steered me the right way until this day. My Uncle In law the Great Senior, Mr. Lloyd young, is one of the great Jamaicans that have ever lived. It was a Philanthropist, Old Soldier, Physiotherapist, Gym In structure, And he was a person who feeds the poor house in MontegoBay and would feed the people on the streets of MontegoBay. Because of his love of the Country and citizens residing at his mansion for three years and a half, I too carry that same compassion for humanity and care. And because of who God made me be I shall carry out his duties thereof. Now Talented Artists will be interviewed by their biography by the GCPTALKS, INC host, and from there they will be called on to fulfill duties of humanitarian-task. I Founder and President Garth B Thompson of Garth Charity Projects, Inc and GCPTALKS, INC

All Rights Reserved do not use this information for any social or private promotions this message is intended for Garth Charity Projects, Inc and GCPTALKS, INC only. This message is brought to you by Garth Thompson and approved By Founder and President Garth B Thompson


I'm doing all the good that I can.

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