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Multi-Purpose Programs


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"With grants focusing on you and your needs.

The Multi-Purpose Programs

We are doing every and anything to meet the needs of society.

"Starting with our youth getting involved with the GCPTALKS.ORG by helping with providing the needed resources to meet community needs.

  • Helping + Sheltering + Homelessness + Student Scholarship

Giving Aide to the disadvantaged +

  • Helping with Poverty, Hunger +

"Creating workshops that help with Gun Violence and Youth Development and with the advice from an Expert. +

  • GED studies and test+ Job training+ Owning your own+ Entrepreneurial skills.

The Multi-Purpose Programs help the sick who are experiencing a life-threatening sickness such as cancer.

All stages of diseases.

Patients with cancer and survivors

  • Scientist Research

Supporting the community in dire need with a gift can also be an ambulance or multi-other ways we can give to a neighborhood.

  • Feeding poor schools+ Building Schools for the poor

Or we can build habitats building to house the poor and needy.

  • New York & elsewhere+ Territories

GCPTALKS Outreach Director is asking for grants funds from funders

like individuals and groups of givers like you.

"This is our special request and need.

100,000 thousand dollars annually is needed to run this program with professional officers. Experts field.

Signature of

Chief Executive

Founder and President

Garth Thompson