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I Garth Thompson have proposed that Maroon Town St James should have a special after school programs and projects that serves the elderly and of all age below. Ages from 1 year old through 100. Young people of any background ethnicity and beliefs and as well as their grand and great grands must join to get involve. This will be a request that if you are a resident of St James and surrounding communities you need to participate to enlighten your ways of living and to bring encouragement to your undertaking as citizen of Jamaica, which means every body is welcome to join into this program.

Young mothers and fathers should bring their child or children to learn about community ways and means as this is our neighborhood concerns approached and as well as development. This is to encourage all residents of parishes within Jamaica West Indies that it's time to develop your dream and your love for country. The program and projects will share some tools for the betterment of your life being structured and interactions with your peers and adults that you meet and greet each day. This program and projects will now give you leverage as opportunity arrives which means to see you self-own growing your dream in pursuits for your personal joy and community happiness for you while you develop your new undertakings as a leader, be the person that others which for you to become. With the pride and skills you were born with that you most now share to the world and as we develop you to work diligently now to receive one of our highest serving humanitarian Cry an Award for (Community Excellency)

The above and below paragraphs means you will have the community certificate to say you have developed community understanding. And on how to think and talk and do the right thing and to be most of all a productive person, a leader for you and your family and community. By treating people with respect and with dignity and pride as well as having self respect for your self and others. Therefore, this is your opportunity to take ACTION for your responsibility in life. Become a changer one who community looks up to when things go wrong you will be the one who help to stop the hate-crime and other continual wrong doings.

The content would later be present here or in a brochure and for polices to follow and understood.

The community must have constructive programs that educate those who need to share their dream as well as these concerns.

The community must have a constructive program that highlight the needs and issues within the community.

The community must have a constructive program that counsels individual of and about their issues.

Now the people and departments as to professional outside professionals who serve our community to its intention daily will be asked to give their time on a stipend or volunteer bases for the betterment of community outreach programs dire needs.

And as follows:

(A) We would hire a teacher+

(B) We would hire a school Counselor+

(D) We would hire a Lawyer+

(E) We would hire a Police Officer from every parish of Jamaica and other Caribbean+

(F) We would hire a business man and woman from who runs a large grocery company one who serve the community if there is a pandemic and a different type of non-essential business one who have fewer workers in times of COVID-19.

A company that does more of an office work that food supplies. We would hire a business owner then.+

(G) We would hire a Politician+

(H) We would hire a Judge+

(I) We would hire a Nurse+

(J) We would hire a Doctor+

(K) School Principal+

(L) We would hire an Agricultural Specialist Manager, for farming and practicing Agricultural students Studies to pursue, within Jamaica and United States Exchange Program+

(M) We would hire interns schools around the community+

(N) We would hire firemen to give lecture to community+

(O) We would hire or ask for volunteers such local business owners to come and present their task that as been asked

(P) We would hire a Host as well as a Press - Secretary+


Fundraising Director

_____ Assigned to the Program ------

Weekly Reports:

Exchanging culture, dreams and pursuits job Career students to America, Canada and UK+

Interns for Health Centre in Maroon Town St James (Projects)

Funds for your participation terms, first starters for showing up gets free lunch and a sign up FORM With this course you at the end of the six months 500 for one year 1000 years 2000 and fours years 4000.

We will have a Field Director Officer who is responsible for data and processing of police and programs.

The program would be manage by the Deputy General Manager and Director Of Garth Charity Projects, Inc and Sponsored by GCPTALKS, INC of the USA

This message has been paid and brought to you by the Founder and President, Director, Stewart of the Board of Directors and Chairman

Garth B. Thompson

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