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Rains and Ethlyn Thompson

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

My grandparents raised me at five months old in Woodland Garden's Lame P.O. St James.

The two people, "Rains Albert Thompson, and Ethlyn Viola Frater-Thompson, who helped to transform my life, I do owe them both the respect and gratitude. And will incorporate you both within my GCPTALKS nonprofit, organization sharing the best you both instill within me. And the readiness to show the appreciation that benefits the community in each of your honors and own rights. Furthermore, I Garth B. Thompson, expressed my love and gratitude as I approved this message and additional historical stores detailing both lives on earth. And with detailing, this is beyond all measures. Therefore, respect your kindness and allow your stories to go viral.

Funders, the choice is to learn of the background by Founder and President Garth Thompson. And to know how it was and why as I arrive at this platform. "Incorporating, the two people whose family traditions transform me as I simulate. I model myself after both my late grandparents.

Ethlyn Viola Frater Thompson and Albert Rains Thompson join to read their stories


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Ethlyn Frater and Rains Thompson Story.

Why would Garth Thompson need an actor and actress to play the role of Ethlyn Frater and Rains Thompson? Our grandparents. It's about sharing a story through their T-shirts, photos, brochures, and scripts.

Reader's details inside! Click detail Story

The story behind my beloved grandparents photo

These two people right here!

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