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The Nonprofit department of key high rank officers.

The Nonprofit Official Staff is listed here, still these are not all the high ranks, others will be post on the page blow the continual page. Page and links will be there to direct readers to read more about the nonprofit Department. Outside this page this post information will continue about the programs and projects we offer to our community. And the titles of who will lead our department will be made public as key officers are presented. These are some, key officers, who will work on the nonprofit programs and projects special assignments. Nonprofit, official such as the vice President the operational head person for the operation at large, he shall direct others as well as the Secretary and the Treasurer to act.

Nonprofit organization officials; Additional page


The information our causes shares about the essential issues that are the causes that we want to give support to eradicate, and so, as we post some of our key causes of interest we need your support. A bill support, that will pay for the plans? Therefore, keep in mind that there will be additional awareness that will be added in our causes folder.

This is for now, meaning the list of causes added, until additional causes are added to the list about our causes charitable fundraising approach. Causes for the nonprofit GCPTALKS organization to work on will be a part of the "Bill sponsors. All causes cases will have a bill. The Founder and President bill, will submit to the chamber for a review and sign-on.

Nonprofit organization officials; Additional page


Bill Sponsorship comes from many avenues.

The Founder and President writes and submit his Bill by email, or through the postal -services or by his aid walking over to the prospective department. The Bill, will be sent to the chamber, and received by the Chief Board of Director clerk officer. The chief Board of Director upon receiving envelop will share a copy with associates Board of Directors. Therefore, the Bill Sponsoring, can now add by special department. The Founder and President as now lay out the key causes that must be on the list. These we can now vote on by bringing the Bill sponsors motions to the floor for a vote. Fist Also, we must write the Bill Sponsor separate from the Bill Sponsor. The Bill to sponsor the program and projects and the proposal different shorter details.

We must outline the Bill, then share it with the board members for a vote and signature.