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Interviewee Detail Information

Our nonprofit Corporation host shall interview talented Artist, which at some point of the session the interviewee, will be approach and introduce to the non profit portfolio. Shortly there after GCPTALKS, INC Founder and President will appoint a qualified candidate as Ambassador who will then carry out the task to advocate for GCPTALKS, INC programs and Projects.

Dear Donors, it's a pleasure announcing to you our moment of giving back to community. The purpose of fundraising is to support an ongoing effort, a project started By Garth Charity Projects, Inc within the Caribbean Island of Jamaica W.I. In the district of Maroon Town St James Parish, There is a dire need in the Maroon Town St James pertaining the Health Centre. Residents commute 16 miles (ca. 26 kilometers) to the MontegoBay Hospital. GCPTALKS, INC need your donation of any amount to purchase a Ambulance?

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