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I formed a non profit, Garth Charity Projects and GCPTALKS

[login] to [] Two non-profit corporations working parallel for a common cause GARTHCHARITYPROJECTS, INC { }

Our [login to view URL] is working diligently towards community dire needs, giving back to those poor communities within America and the Island of Jamaica West Indies. Read about some of what the Garth Charity Projects programs shall develop for your community. Where you will have access to gain benefits: Homelessness, Diseases, Food Pantry, Agriculture, Youth Programs, Student scholarships support, and student gear needs. Health Centre adoption package. Garth Charity Projects, Inc has more on the Agenda:

GCPTALKS, Inc FUNDRAISING/ MEDIA is about Fundraising for all programs development, and the media outlet corporation will conduct talents development for all artists. News of non-profit corporation GCPTALKS, Inc and GARTHCHARITYPROJECTS, Inc Dear Freelance Grant Writer, Your service is needed to do our non profits Garth Charity Projects, Inc and GCPTALKS, Inc the honor. As both corporation need a grant writer we do hope you will.

We await your reply

I Garth Thompson would like to discuss this in more details.

Sincerely Respectfully

Garth Thompson


(I need a grant writer)

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