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Special Vice President of the chamber

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Brooklyn, NY, USA

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Full Time

About the Role

The Founder and President want all associate and department to work as one. And he's meaning the Founder and President title and assign as well as create department s to help the organization to be successful.


The special Vice President works in the chamber this officers opens the chamber if not him the assistant will The Board of Directors do not open up the chamber. If not these officer it will be the founder and President, or he can direct the Executive Vice or Senior vice, and they only act unless the Special vice or the assistance is on other duties or ill etc.

Adviser Board of Director / Chief Board of Director. / Executive Board of Director

Secretary_____________ Special Vice President ______________SVP assistant

About the Company

The body and of chamber and the cabinet shall work together, but they are two different entities the cabinet monitors the chamber with making sure it is doing the right protocols. And that is the reason for the Special Vice President.

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