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24 hours / 7 day a week shift


for Facility, building-facility, Designing & Operations of the nonprofit organization

Grants funding is what we need from funders to build the nonprofit building?

Operational Functionality Funds


Address of organization, email and phone

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Brooklyn NY 11210

Grant Sponsors
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1,270,000 +
Grants needed for GCPTALKS nonprofit Facility

Welcome Grants Funder {s}

Founder and President
Seeking Grants to purchase Land Property

Grants Request for charities & GCPTALKS Operations.
501(C)(3) Tax-Deductible
      EIN: 83.3626977

Information about the organization name of organization federal taxpayer ID number


Funders Understanding

Our Funders Understanding

With funders supporting us with grants it’s because they understand that without funds our mission is not possible. We are requesting funders to support GCPTALKS Facility & Operations?


  • The Operational cost maybe at cost. 250,00 annually. And with cost of living high, people working in the nonprofit, they have to receive stipend. Our operational stipend budget maybe, roughly 380.00 +  yearly.


New York

GCPTALKS nonprofit organization plans on helping New Yorkers. Poor and needy. The disadvantaged. The

organization is a multi-purpose 501(c)(3) focusing on fundraising and the Arts & Culture.  Charities of our choice will benefit from our ongoing events for charitable causes.

Letters for 


Our letters to Grants-funders are indeed a "fact, that GCPTALKS is asking for funds that we see there is a need for to use towards the community, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, and the Bronx. Additionally, the USA and allies of America.

Below are more request listings.

We're requesting.

GCPTALKS Request Funds.

Funds from funders will start the GCPTALKS building and operations.

  • We want to own our building

  • The GCPTALKS needs a Building

  • NY is our state, Upstate NY

  • Delaware, NY is our dream Spot

  • Owning the  Nonprofit Facility, may cost 3270,000 +


The United States

The GCPTALKS focuses on all American awareness issues affairs naming a few! Readers continue below.

  • Humanities, Fundraising, and Poverty.

  • Arts Culture, Homeless, Elderly, Veterans. Scholarship

  • St Jude's Children's Cancer Hospital. And Youth sports.

  • Adult Cancer and Cancer research

  • GCPTALKS, the interest of All diseases. The grant package cost; 250,00 yearly



General Interest

The Grants request will support GCPTALKS's construction of building the nonprofit facility with funding from funders. Grant funds will develop opportunities for the grantees intended to purchase a land property for operation benefiting GCPTALKS nonprofit organization facility. The purchase includes developing programs and projects services that will enhance comminutes across New York and the United States. It's a move to improve life. 


The grant amount requested is as follows

  • Nonprofit projects cost 1,270,000

  • The land cost request is 85,000

  • Nonprofit offices cost is 100,000

  • Furnishing Nonprofit facility 100,000

  • Equipment & office needs 100,000

  • Funding Fundraising promotional budget 60,000

  • The cost of starting a T-shirt shop is 100,000

Additional Grants expense needed

  • Nonprofit Bus or cost 100,000

  • Nonprofit TV + Radio cost 150,000

  • Nonprofit workshops Cost 100,000

  • Nonprofit Guest Facility 150,000

  • Nonprofit farming budget 150,000

  • Nonprofit wildlife costs 200,000 

  • Nonprofit scientists research 99,000

  • More programs and projects indeed of Grants More Details 

Please briefly introduce the Agency

(What you do, who you serve) Please limit your response to 200 words or fewer

Institution (s) of Charities giving

Charitable nonprofit Organization 501(c)(3) EIN: 83,3626977 for charities.
We give back to communities of the United States of America by extending our help and support to allies of America. Through our fundraiser, GCPTALKS, on and offline, the nonprofit will conduct fundraising to support charities to give back. Funds for practicing giving, will serve the community through the GCPTALKS fundraiser. The GCPTALKS Fundraiser will "conduct" a fundraising platform for nonprofits, foundations, and public programs.

GCPTALKS for programs and projects benefiting humanities.

Grants & Donors  GCPTALKS.ORG

Community Impact

Garth Thompson