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It's right here where it all started with where donors shop. Donors of all the donors in the world, you get to shop for our newest items. With you as a member, you can be on our items list to receive notice of "items" before everyone else does. An email will send out to you through email marketing. Sign Up at or contact Us By writing to us from our form box

Providing licks to all our shops online for charitable operations and causes awareness


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coming soon

With stores outlet community purchasing, reassure everyone will have a set of four coasters designed with Ethlyn & Rains Thompson birds Icon. Furthermore, the GCPTALKS logo and heart shape designs.

Donors shopping, The coaster, items are in stock waiting on your purchase with its attractive look and feel. We know you and everyone else will love the coaster because who doesn't love drinking and wish not to spill their drink.


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