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Fundraising Parties starts with finger eating, soft drinks to quench your thirsts, and baking dish with salad addressing. With everyone getting to know each other, the fundraising, PowerPoint's purpose, and plans will make its presentation. Here at GCPTALKS fundraising parties, no questions asked, you came to eat, listen, support by donating to our causes.


It's one of those fundraising parties where you dress to impress.  You will, be invited to feel good about yourself so, be uplifted, uplift yourself? And feel good that you came to meet the world! GCPTALKS considers your presence as the nonprofit conducts its presentation of the dire needs in America as America is the world.

Welcome to GCPTALKS fundraiser parties

If you want to join the fundraising party let us know by Email?


GCPTALKS Parties for donors who willing to giveback

Join Us for the Founder and President's Banquet

You are the fundraising future that we want on our list as donors, so if, you are a business owner or staff come on board. We need, your support today?

"Donors, Annual Banquet Red Carpet"

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Varieties of Parties

Giving our donors the warm hospitality

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