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About the fundraising mission


GCPTALKS, Founder and President Garth Thompson, established a humanitarian cry organization that serves all races and awareness issues affairs. The Arts and Culture nonprofit will feature the contents based on our programs and projects with leading museums and archives which partner with Garth Charity Projects and GCPTALKS. An arts and culture nonprofit institution that brings "meaningful resources to our organization. GCPTALKS will focus on atrocity, community conditions, operational needs, Homeless, Hunger, Poverty, Food Pantry, Cancer, And all diseases. And the well-being of the poor. The GCPTALKS well-deserved organization platform galleries shall highlight the purpose of our workshops for the good of patients survivors of diseases.

GCPTALKS serves within the United States and its territories and supports friends of America. The Nonprofit gives back to humanity and charitable organization through benefit concerts and various donations outreach programs. Our operation serves the mission by conducting fundraising giving hope a change towards dire awareness. We strive with the hope to never leave one issue unnoticed. We are keeping the community in one frame of mind, never to leave a community behind with needs.

The public charity institution GCPTALKS presents its GCPTALKS FUNDRAISER monthly and annually events. This fundraising campaign is to help the community by consisting of media interview coverage covering talented artists and their work. Starting with their biography reviews which leads to their charitable duties assignments. Our Charity organization shall present packages to these individuals hoping they can become Brand Ambassadors and Office Ambassadors. Ambassadors for community causes with problems relevant to health, with Aid support. Agriculture farming, Youth, Fostering sport, opportunities, benefiting amateur Nation and International, Risk Youth, Child, Infant, Young Woman. Elderly, And gun violence issues.

The Arts and Culture GCPTALKS programs will play a vital role in the nonprofit community enlistment aiming high towards galvanizing community volunteers' efforts to give back. The humanity cry program's duties will. be a reflection reminding you of the Founder and President. "Greater" admiration of good, doing all the good we can. And giving way to humanity's cry and efforts by speaking on awareness issues affairs through our channels and keeping hope alive.

The outreach benefit platform's multi-purpose platform speaks of the media organization that hosts talented artists for charities and causes. GCPTALKS will direct hours of content providing hope for the needy that benefits atrocity and the good of others. Thanks to our charitable givers,

GCPTALKS nonprofit representatives, for humanity cry development, will work on all scripts-series and over-sees the Brand Ambassador projects.

The Brand Ambassadors will manage our brand and products, charitable songs, Commercials, Personality shows, Corporation production series, and all. Other brands. The office Ambassadors work closely with the Brand Ambassadors in concert toward the operational missions. The Founder and President aim for better community relations through our workshop and outreach programs and projects.

The board of Directors will be at hand to carry out their fiduciary duties while conducting a friendly and non-hostile working environment.

GCPTALKS FUNDRAISER will conduct and fulfill its promise to build and operate a nonprofit facility to bring about the GCPTALKS dream programs and projects. With a historical building. In New York State.

GCPTALKS nonprofit organization office officials are "geared towards pursuing operational duties for the community outreach benefits. GCPTALKS operational duties services acknowledged as our hot meal and soup feeds the homeless and sheltering the poor. The nonprofit News will inform the public of more missions.


GCPTALKS is a nonprofit News media coverage Network for the GCPTALKS Arts and Culture humanities programs and projects. GCPTALKS will talk about charitable news and development. The nonprofit will discuss Garth Charity Projects programs and development. It's the GCPTALKS that will do the media coverage. The network media coverage is to inform and strengthen community giving because of dire need awareness issues and affairs concerning humanity's cry. The GCPTALKS is evolving for the greater good of making society a much better environment to live and work in and developing ways to be of support. GCPTALKS gives aid to the disadvantaged community through food pantries and workshops. The GCPTALKS nonprofit organization "was established to conduct fundraising to help the community, consisting of media interviews covering talented artists and their work. Our charitable organization shall present packages to these individuals hoping they can become Brand Ambassadors and Office Ambassadors for community problems related to health wellness. GCPTALKS scope of interest are Diseases, Homeless, Fostering youth workshops, Sports, Elderly, Student Scholarship, Women's Shelter, Men's Shelter, Financial Education, Underserved Community Impact, Housing, Habitats, and Poverty. The GCPTALKS with media broadcasting TV and radio Networks and host and cohost, interviewing talented and non-talented artists for a common cause. With GCPTALKS Ambassadors forgiving, It's a humanity cry. And efforts in which we are developing to allow our operational fundraising series for GCPTALKS good.


Our Vision is to transform the community's way of life through "the development of GCPTALKS nonprofit news and media coverage. Giving hope to the sick faced with cancer as we develop scientific research to find a cure for cancer and other diseases. GCPTALKS dream of a workshop for the disadvantage of all age and race. The feeding efforts of the poor are also the homeless folks on the street. GCPTALKS wants to prevent our system from causing homelessness.


Our Gold is to serve humanity through our agricultural farming to run an operation of seasonal green house vegetation to make a sale and donate to the poor community. GCPTALKS Caring for our environment globally by planting trees and making all water accessible to humans, plants, and wildlife. GCPTALKS will do all the good it can for life and humanity...



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