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GCPTALKS, Inc. serves within the United States of America. And its territories With headquarters based in Brooklyn, NY 11210 King County. Our organization nonprofit, GCPTALKS, Inc is a 501(c)(3) public charity established to conduct fundraising to help the community (s) consisting of media interviews covering talented artist and their work. Our charitable organization GCPTALKS shall present packages to these individuals hoping they can become ambassadors for community problems relevant to health and poverty issues. The Arts and culture programs will play a role in the nonprofit. And humanities programs will give way for humanitarian cry supporting  also allies of America. And as for our nonprofit community concerns, we're the organization for this charitable outreach and all its purpose and more. GCPTALKS is a fundraiser established for multipurpose programs and projects. About our mission, vision and gold Learn More

America  Star For Causes

As a talented artist, you get the opportunity of  joining GCPTALKS  for causes.

Performers can help to make a difference.

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Founder and President of GCPTALKS & Garth Charity Projects dot ORG

America Stars for causes

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We're a verified charitable organization in the United States. GCPTALKS Fundraiser.  Make your donation,  we are a 501(c)(3) Donors you will receive a tax-deductible letter

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