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Agreement Application

Talented Artists Agreement Application

Being a talented Artist for GCPTALKS, Inc will mean that you sign an agreement registration form. With you as GCPTALKS Talented Artist (s), you will -signed as a charitable Talented Artist. The agreement is singing songs and becoming a quarter/ half songwriter. And or full-time songwriter with your writing and singing benefiting, the GCPTALKS charity program and Projects and operations.

You are-being, being a performer songwriter for charity, and with this, you will receive royalties for songs you work on for programs and projects. These songs will promote on the website, radio, TV, and other marketing series in the nonprofit organization. Therefore, music, songs, and lyrics will -used, for fundraising with ads and video photo promotions.

Promotions of songs will be making airwaves entrance and on all social media managed under the GCPTALKS. The GCPTALKS news will promote all charity work, that's, within the standard of the operational policy and agreement.
Talented artists will get funds for songs they sing to ease your expenses and allow the music materials of the project  (s) to be complete in the written song format.  

And agreement by the Founder and President of GCPTALKS and the songwriters.
If you accept these terms of this application agreement, fill out the form and sign?

Report or Register NEW Songs material (s) to and

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together. Register your song (s) with GCPTALKS nonprofit Organization

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