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Executive Vice President

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Brooklyn, NY, USA

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Garth Thompson hold the title now

About the Role

The Executive Vice President shall work alongside with the Board of Directors, And the Cabinet President Secretary and Body of the Cabinet and Chamber.

The Executive Vice President only can vote by the order of the Founder and President on certain votes in the Cabinet and Chamber. The Executive vote is reserved also to block any officers and Board members who decide to violate policy of any kind. Pursuant to the Bylaws.

The Executive Vice President vote is to defend the Organization and policy protecting the Bylaws and Constitution and attend meetings for the Founder and President. How we plan to operate as an organization for the disadvantage. This office will work with the Treasure, and Duty. The Executive Vice President will work with all Fundraising Directors of the GCPTALKS, Nonprofit organization. From the main Fundraising Director, Marketing Director, and Natural Disaster Director and plus the three chamber assigned Board of Directors who is selected and appointed by the Founder and President.

The office page of the Executive Vice President and follow with Fiduciary duties.

Founder and President Garth Thompson
Board of Director of GCPTALKS

Stewart of the Board of Directors and Chairman

Cabinet Chief of the GCPTALKS Organization

Founder and President of


Portfolio area of the Executive Vice President of the This office carry the second power of the organization. Address these departments as the Executive Vice President. The Executive Vice President oversee the entire operation for the Founder and President and supervise the chamber and policies. Apart from the Special Vice President who seated as the Representative vice of the Founder and President. And the Special Vice is the bylaw protector in and out of the chamber and the Cabinet By the Bylaws. The Vice President only vote is to uphold the Bylaws.

The job and office of the Executive Vice President is to carry out his duties and to work with everyone of the organization and the partner organization

About the Company

The Executive work alongside with Senior Vice President, Special Vice President, Communication vice President, Secretary of Society, Chief of staff of the Founder and President, Nonprofit Operational Ambassador General Secretary of information and Code. Executive Office Manager, Office Ambassador, Brand Ambassador. Etc. Junior Staff And volunteers. Board of Director chief and Board of Director Adviser and Board of Director Executive.

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