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Read Terms before & after Singers/ Talented Artists for Charities

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

This opportunity only giving to selected singer (s) Talented Artists in agreement with GCPTALKS.

Charitable Seal

The GCPTALKS 501(c)(3) EIN 83,3626977. NTEE code Arts, Culture organization multi-purposes, (A20).

GCPTALKS messages here are not for all, but a few. It's a once-a-year selected opportunity gearing towards developing budding talented artists, Etc. The chosen candidates; were appointed to the GCPTALKS charity's terms.

Here is what talented artists' responses would say. My compensated USD of 200.00 or more, or less than 300, has been given to me after a song completion.

The complete song is for GCPTALKS benefits, benefiting GCPTALKS programs and projects for under deserves communities. As- this police gives benefits services to singers and songwriters who follow the GCPTALKS giving for charities terms. GCPTALKS presenting the song concept is a program and project this will bring support to communities and our operations.

With talented artists giving support through their songs, singing, and writing efforts, their titled earn is entertainment Soldiers. Furthermore, this is a part of their title with GCPTALKS, the nonprofit organization.

GCPTALKS writing packages give, and talented artists will receive Royalties and support by Garth Byron Thompson

These promotional benefits give privileges to talented artists pursuing an escape. And talented artists are only being supported in Ghana now. By GCPTALKS for this year 2022.

GCPTALKS promoting studio services in Ghana now Yes No

It's a humanity cry to the world and as they cry, GCPTALKS vision it as an "OUTCRY" where our nonprofit organization must act on doing good for humanity, and its cry. Crying to the world for aid under a dire need effect. GCPTALKS stand to stamp out awareness affairs on homelessness, All diseases, Youth crisis and developing ways for humanitarian support.

GCPTALKS Ambassadors For Giving, it's a humanity cry.

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