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Under the Privacy Policy gear to all users of the site and social media where there is a post message about us.

Privacy Policy

The requirement under is that we include customers' legal rights and that, as donors or other participants, the organization makes it easy for them to do charitable business with us. We are required to respect their rights and conduct business. In a business conduct manner, we hope to receive their trust. Customers' information is our duty, so they shall, be protected, and their privacy is our responsibility. And every other under every circumstance thereof.

Users: GCPTALKS customers and clients operating the organization's website. Understand that facts that you are protected.

All Users will know that we are a nonprofit as a 501(c)(3) and that the charitable business starts in New York Kings County.

Now Donors "have a choice" to give whatever they can and will receive a tax-deductible to file their taxes.

Donors again have a choice to give the amount they which. Therefore, at certain events, donors will be asked to contribute a certain amount for charitable purposes. Still, donors can donate what they can afford.

Pieces of information like location, email, and cellular will be "kept private, and your "name (s)of who is or was the donor. Your rights and privacy will "be" sealed. And if you do not want us to share you as a donor to the public. It's your rights that we shall respect.

We appreciate our donors and wish them all the best; in life, as they practice their civic engagements.

The GCPTALKS is about protecting and respecting customers, clients, and their rights; this has been our policy. uses cookies on the site to show transparency, trust, and be truthful. All staff practices the same values. That is our ourselves and sacrifice toward all.

Customer data is our number one priority as an organization that came into existence. GCPTALKS will keep everyone's private data private and safe at all times.

The State of New York City has been where we have been conducting business ever since. Customers have the right to learn about us and that all visits go by appointment. And not just by walking in.

Public safety is on our watch here at

GCPTALKS will not allow others to violate the privacy and rights of others in any way or to discriminate against race and the faith or beliefs of others. Nor should any social media associate violate the rights of anyone. Our customers and clients, as in every society. Have the right to practice their motto.

Donor's tax deductible letter. GCPTALKS 501(c)(3) EIN 83-3626977

Founder and President Garth Thompson

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Privacy Policy  Garth Thompson
GCPTALKS Community Privacy Policy

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