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Out Cry Humanity Cry Out

Garth Thompson

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Out Cry Humanity Cry Out Song readers Online Bio

The GCPTALKS invites you to become a fan by subscribing to Our subscription inquiry asks for your first and last name, including your email. Support the Garth Thompson outreach programs and projects, Out Cry Humanity Cry Out, the song, is about the community disadvantaged. Click and listen to our charitable Outcry Humanity Cry Out song on YouTube and The song was written by Garth Thompson, in part to give back to charities.

Garth Thompson is an American Citizen songwriter for his nonprofit GCPTALKS, Inc, and a singer. Garth Thompson is a son of Jamaica West Indies. He started in Brooklyn, New York developing his 501(c)(3) to benefit the disadvantaged. Garth Thompson the Founder and President of Garth Charity Projects and GCPTALKS. And other entities. The Out Cry Humanity Cry Out song will embrace homeless, Childhood cancer, Adult cancer, and other causes the Founder and President Garth Thompson deem as awareness causes. The (outcry humanity cry out) song and royalties will be "decided, by Garth Thompson. And on what operational programs and projects should royalty benefits receive, and what percentages?

The song speaks about heads of state with the GCPTALKS asking for their support, supporting the poor and dire need affairs. Garth Thompson pledged to raise funds to support charities, and with the backing of organizations and companies. The GCPTALKS hopes to have singers include the Out Cry Humanity Cry out. Furthermore, the singer engages in charitable concerts.

Fans of (Out Cry Humanity Cry Out) you can now listen to the song on YouTube, , , , ,, and , and more.

Fans share the song for a good cause make sure to tell a friend or family member about "Out Cry Humanity Cry Out., and the song

You can DONATE to the GCPTALKS by donating at PayPal.

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