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Talented Artists Biography Interest.


GCPTALKS welcomes you to share your written biography. As a talented artist, your stage skills will be acknowledged in organization and presented on the GCPTALKS shows by our host. Your talents are essential to us. Interviews will start with a dialogue of getting to knowing you base on your biography. We do take awareness seriously. GCPTALKS wants to know after your interview how you can help to make a difference by giving back to those in dire need. Under Garth Charity Projects, Inc and partner GCPTALKS, you shall advocate, for funds, by also conducting fundraising events and requesting the support of GarthCharityProjects. org Talented Artists, you will be interviewed by charitable organization, the talented artist's host. And there will be other presentations of hosts for GARTHCHARITYPROJECTS.ORG. Starting, Now By submitting your Biography official agreement-Bio press-kit. Ambassador duties Assignment POLICY. BY GCPTALKS, INC and Programs and projects terms.


GCPTV M O R E DETAILS BIO Ambassador Duties Form

During our interviews and after talented artists will be review

After viewing a talented Artist's biography they will be called on

The Founder and President shall select and appoint, talented Artists and other non-talented artists to the Brand Ambassadors duty Assignments.

Join the GCPTALKS Charitable efforts for charities

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