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Garth Thompson SONG

Released Biography of Out Cry Humanity Cry Out 04/ 10/ 2022


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Garth Thompson is a son of Jamaica "who is, an American citizen songwriter, and a singer who is an entrepreneurial self-proclaim Founder and President stems from his charitable efforts for the human act. By community giving overall a servant to the poor and needy.

His giving started at a tender age which now is his leverage on giving back to the dire need communities across Brooklyn throughout and beyond New York, states, and allies of America if possible. As to when it shall be. Garth Thompson works diligently on ways to be of service to the disadvantaged. Through his songs, he will support and promote his development that will "be of benefit to others within their awareness issues affairs.

Garth Thompson is an author for his charity GCPTALKS, where soon his book will be released, "he speaks on his childhood with peers and projects that led him to this juncture of his life. Garth Thompson is a dedicated individual who constantly pursues his dream while making it possible for others to be self-persuasive. He believes in his inner gut feelings as a self-driving person.

Now that Garth Thompson has released the song "that he wrote, Garth Thompson plans to work on his charities and charitable movies to boost his nonprofit organization programs and projects. The morale that Garth Thompson finds himself in is extremely satisfying. All of his life. All he wanted to do more than anything else on God's earth was to give back. Garth Thompson understands what it means to give and receive. Community giving, giving gifts is what he watched his late grandmother and late Uncle in law, who were community servants. "Did for the poor and needy.

Anyone throughout Brooklyn, the other four Boroughs, and state of New York, and the United States of America finds it within themselves to support the noble movement. Join now to make a dynamic everlasting difference for humanity cry. "As our song said "Out Cry Humanity Cry Out" Without further ado to the charitable TV series and Movies to come. Volunteers and officers, you are being called on to help shape our tomorrow of a better general future.

Garth Thompson, a United States citizen, shares that great things happen to those who believe within themselves, "helping with humanity's struggles gives you a sense of pride and fulfillment as it is uplifting as a servant.

On this GCPTALKS nonprofit organization development journey, Garth Thompson sorted out the notion of including heads of state to mention in his ongoing charitable efforts. Queen Elizabeth II, whom I admire, and four American Presidents, considered the level of officials that can "make an impact on the Nation and Global community giving.

Subjects that follow are the programs and projects to be benefited.

  • GCPTALKS, Inc Operational programs, and projects.

  • Homelessness in NEW YORK

  • Feeding the Poor

  • Donations for Cancer Patients and Survivors

  • Youth workshop development

  • Other programs and projects, TV Fundraising Series episodes for charities.


Join Garth Thompson GCPTALKS, Inc Founder and President with community giving