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Garth Thompson

American songwriter and in part charity songwriter

Garth Thompson is an American songwriter for charities, including his own. He wrote the song entitled Out Cry Humanity Cry Out. In part. Its purpose, "undoubtedly, is to support his nonprofit organization GCPTALKS. Founder and President Garth Thompson hope to give back to the homeless, Workshop, Childhood, and adult cancer patients and survivors. Therefore, the benefits vary towards additional awareness issues. Garth B Thompson is working diligently to make a community difference for the young and the elderly. "While his legacy impact will aid generations to come. Garth Thompson plans to create positive programs and projects for Americans of all ages. And since America has been fighting for a more in-kind Nation, those allies with dire needs will benefit too. Garth Thompson not only writes but sings as well. His charity song will feed the poor and shelter those who need the help of habitat programs and projects. His songs will open up the hearts of hundreds and thousands of donors to give towards the betterment of the communities.

Garth Thompson, to 1,000,000 fans the Song Out Cry Humanity Cry Out you can purchase the single on Amazon



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