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The office of the field director

Our field director

The office will investigate the department community causes on awareness issues and help to give ways on the field to solve crises and develop ways to operate going forward.

For every agenda, there will be, assigned field agents to investigate the matters ahead.

  • Community waste, such as garbage, on street corners through the GCPTALKS is a program agenda.

  • A homelessness workshop is a development approach by field agents.

  • Food Pantry is on our agenda, benefiting the poor and needy. The field agents shall investigate ways to develop a system.

  • Youth talents and skills, talented artists, youth pursuits, and giving back to society.

  • Patients and survivors of all diseases are an agenda for our field agents to work on for development.

  • Environment field, agents with plans on trees, planting, and working on cleaning trenches. And our rivers.

  • Field agents will gather young men and women for many special assignments.

  • Field agents will be, working with the outreach department to get volunteers for crisis mode.

  • It's the Field, agents work to recruit field workers to join their field department for the better good of the field office.

  • The Field agents shall investigate ways to serve departments well with safety for each department as the nonprofit raises funds for the operational causes and functions. And set long-term security for departments.

  • The Field Director shall lead the field department investigation to develop offices and strengthen the nonprofit agenda. Each department does have, its own agenda and the field search will bring meaningful attention, and resources to the agents.

All field agents, and their director, findings shall first be approved by the Founder and President.

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