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Ambassador, Portfolio of Sierra Leone, to our nonprofit GCPTALKS, Inc, on special duties

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Start your Ambassador duties under the policy of the nonprofit pursuant to our Bylaws

Ambassador Alie Jawara

Officially: You are assigned as an AMBASSADOR! You have been certified on an easy emergency-form and as so doing you will be full filing your duties as a humanitarian official representing and presenting GCPTALKS work as an Ambassador. Alie Jawara, while in the Country of Sierra Leone, and if you reside in a different country at the time of being selected as an Ambassador. You can still act as an Ambassador of Sierra Leone. Meaning for the country in which you are a son of, we ask that you advocate for" which" is Sierra Leone, through GCPTALKS, Inc as the policy as stated. This portfolio is sharing statement that you, Alie Jawara, is accepted and agreed to the given directions to work volunteer, and with stipend as this term is being developed. This shall be acknowledged, by the Board of Directors as it is so written. The Founder and President, Director and Stewart of the Board and Chairman grant you this Ambassadorship title. Now you can advocate in all fifty states and its territories plus hand to hand globally. Pursuant to these bylaws.

This is for the country of which you will represent with its issues, the United States of American and on March, 5th 2020 is your fully authorized. Official date of when you will be file in to the operational humanitarian ship as an Ambassador of GCPTALKS, Inc. But January, 18th 2020, is when your training starts. This message will change in months to come. Therefore, you can start speaking to a team of believers under a community of interest, and with nations and other staff members about GCPTALKS, Inc operations and policy


The Ambassador shall work on School, Students, Young girls and boys Education

Cultural art and Culture affairs, Talented Artist and biography, Music Development, Model, Singing, Poets, Dance, Writers, Sports, Interviews, Genres, Scientists diseases Research, Hunger, the Poor, Communities, of all fifty United States And Territories of America. And Programs and Projects. Host of the GCP TV and Radio.

Your work for GCPTALKS, Inc shall be seen on GCPTV and on GCPRadio therefore, other net work cables, plus news papers and photos of every official schedule shall be posted on our website. You shall not engage in fundraising activities there is a department and Director that will be in charge of funds. But as Ambassador time after time, you can generalize in your portfolio by speaking on the needs of funds and purpose for which programs and projects will benefited, and then direct funders to the appropriate fundraising link?

And the Secretary of Society department and board of Directors.

Ranks department. The Executive Commander of operation is

Founder and President and board of director and Stewart

of the Board and as the Chairman

Ambassador Alie Jawara, I do hereby, agreed to the short form application policy and ready to work on issues affairs, programs and projects of the United States U.S. nonprofit GCPTALKS, Inc and Garth Charity Projects, Inc as with any foreign policies under any of these U.S. nonprofits. So help me God?

Ambassador signature       



Alie Jawara

The Ambassador, Alie Jawara shall brief these high rank officials daily

Founder and President. Chief. & board of Directors &. Secretary of Society

Ambassador Director Senior VP additional Rep

In Sierra Leone, the liaison________, under our Ambassador Alie Jawara

Conducting field work by gathering data of programs and projects

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Founder and President Reserves the first rights, to be brief by Ambassadors Etc

Acknowledged By

Garth Thompson

Founder and President

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