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AG (Agriculture Farming)

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Starting up Agricultural Farming for community benefits and sales.

GCPTALKS is established to conduct in the non-profit multi-purpose corporation a wide range of green foods, and of food kinds that the poor can benefit from. Vegetable and things of this nature will serve the community through food pantry as well. And agriculture farming in NY, will serve the local market.

The non-profit organization proposal to readers is that GCPTALKS is adopting the responsibility to do farming that will help to make a difference in our healthy eating abets ways of life.

GCPTALKS Agriculture Farming

Founder and President

Garth Thompson

Company / Organization Name



I Garth Thompson is the Founder and President of my non-profit.

Founder and President have done farming before

In his birth Country

Of Jamaica, West Indies

With his experience, he has the know how to get farming done.

The Founder and President is a team member

who will seek ten to fifteen workers in base of the acres of farming land.

Our team amount, of members, can be about ten to fifteen. 7 acres or fewer.

Team / Members / Bio

The Founder and President is building his team as there are family members and friends who have done farming and who will assist our programs and projects.

My Small team in mind is reading to handle as we are qualified to deliver

Our team is special because we have the patient and passion for the GCPTALKS multi-purpose non-profit organization. Our Agriculture farming is to help community youth, elderly and making sales to support community needs.

My plan to build diversity and more

All race is welcome to share their skills and cultural ways of doing Agricultural Farming and preparing for community needs and disaster. We would be prepared to support community that have catastrophe, that causes great damage or loss of life. While feeding the poor. Etc

Our team photos will be post here