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Greetings, Donors

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Dear Donors: Welcome to GCPTALKS! Where we're striving to support communities of dire needs (We request Funds)

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Now that you've arrived here, welcome me into your world. My name is Garth Thompson, and I'm elated to have you here. I have always wanted to capture the moment of giving back to community ever since my adolescent years. Now you have given me the opportunity. I will be sharing new and exciting ways of how I will support communities of dire needs. I want to share my compassion for your humanity something that I have grown with and have developed the ability to give. In my up-and-coming blogs you will ask to participate in not only donating but receiving free shirts for a donation.

Shirt for charity
Charity Shirt

Donors accompany Founder and President Garth Thompson on this awareness journey.

Get involved as giving means GCPTALKS cares about your community enough to want to give back. Each of the persons here have to do their part in giving to the needy.

Donors we can't do this without your support.

Thanks donors, for arriving here. Greeting DONORS, you have arrived at the nonprofit organization 501(c)(3) 83,3626977. Where you will get a free shirt for a donation. And if you give a monthly donation you will Get A Special Edition Coaster for your drinking needs.

Donors donate at PayPal or at GCPTALKS.ORG


We appreciate you, and thanks for your support.

Greetings Donors. Donors welcome you back at GCPTALKS.ORG where we are working diligently to raising funds for community dire needs. Donors can you send us your funniest videos of you singing in public?

Visitors GCPTALKS require for you to send us your email to be on our email marketing list. And readers leave a comment, on the platform as this is a call-to-action, For humanity dire needs, Buy Now or Subscribe.