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Mission Statement

This is our mission statement 2019

The Mission Statement of GCPTALKS, Inc is a U.S. Nonprofit media broadcasting coverage corporation, born to do good for humanity, and one which welcomes Arts and culture, as well as giving hope to program and projects in our awareness folder-through, Talented Artist and their interviews session. With our Ambassadors advocating for the United States and its territories while giving a hand elsewhere in poor countries GCPTALKS, knows program and projects matter. GCPTALKS, Inc is an extension from Garth Charity Projects, Inc and which is broadcasting about the support that Garth Charity Projects, Inc needs to do good. GCPTALKS, Inc will broadcast the news about, fundraising, Awareness-projects, program, and General-projects on TV and GCPRadio own by GCPTALKS, Inc.

GCPTALKS, Inc is the partnering nonprofit working parallel with Garth Charity-Projects who is a limited partner with broadcasting. GCPTALKS, Inc is about many development opportunities, this multipurpose nonprofit is a charitable corporation that specialized in fund-raising that will give back to a dire need situation. Arising Fund for many-purpose to give help to the communities of, media interviews covering talented artist and their work. Presenting packages to these individuals for them to become ambassadors for communities problems relevant to health and poverty issues.

The nonprofit GCPTALKS, Inc engagements are, Interviewing talented Artist and by doing so, we're using their biography and presenting, GCPTALKS, Inc portfolio.  The nonprofit work in our areas conducting fund-raising to support all of its causes. Therefore, feeding the homelessness, presenting youth programs, community tips of the way of life, bring agriculture to support food pantry plus sales. The nonprofit is reaching out to the athlete's community for them to join their selective program of our many sports activities.  As selective sports is what amateurs will assign to as athletes, Basketball, Running, Tennis, Relay race, and these are some activities that will support our fundraising programs and projects, etc 

All Across the United States of America and its territories and else WHERE thereof. We're using this approach of athletes-sports leverage to engage this nonprofit corporation GCPTALKS, INC, To foster national or international amateur sports competition. As we are standing up to stamp out causes, such illness as cancers, crimes, homelessness, youth divisions while helping those who need a life change support and more. GCPTALKS, Inc have a life-change program+project (s) if you, at some point of your life did wrong GCPTALKS, Inc will or want to assign you in our assignment program and projects to do right.

Our platform of hope comes at a time when the youth sees no other way out, but to participate in our programs and projects. Whereas, their talents and life stories will matter, during projects development. Genres now have a place A platform to stand on- standing tall on issues and stamping them out on a global scale. If you're that talent, we are waiting to see you exceeds doing for you and your community. And as all of us at GCPTALKS would say make it global.

Basically the nonprofit, fund-raising geared towards scientific research and in our Bylaws policy will share information on yearly effort to carry out such fund-raising-campaign. This is to benefit programs and projects that give aid to lives at risk. Those who are faced with cancer and other illnesses. Our mission is many, and we need your long term support that will meet our needs and ideas half-way that will help to make a difference.

Garth Charity Projects, Inc. was born out of the idea of doing good for humanity. Our mission, therefore, is to do all we can through our nonprofit organization with the help and generosity of people all over the world especially in the United States of America and Jamaica. Our goal is to seek volunteers and sponsors to help the poor, sick and helpless in our quest to make a difference in their lives, regardless of color, age, and creed! We're raising funds to help with causes that's our agenda, and those that will come during our brainstorm Etc


U.S. Nonprofit Corporation GCPTALKS, Inc

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The host of the Media & Coverage

Director of Interns Development and programs

Interns + Programs - policy

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Sports Director 

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Our Mission Statement 2019

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