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The story of Manny Otiz, and his life ordeal. Written on January 5, 2020

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Manny Ortiz

The Story of Manny Ortiz, & his life ordeal. Written on January 5, 2020

It’s the Biography of

Manny Ortiz a young man who shares a story that most people can and can’t relate to in a breathtaking experience.

Getting to know this genuine unique, the uniqueness of this individual, it’s the most-touching humanitarian feeling, meeting a person such as Manny Ortiz, whose life has been taken back into a place since his birth. Meet the American and his story!

  My name is Manny Ortiz I am twenty-seven years of age. I grew up in Brooklyn NY in the Red Hood district community. With that, I attended the Brooklyn school for global studies which is a five years course. I finished school and then from there I wanted to join the military the United States Marines, but due to complications, I couldn’t. So I just enjoyed life working, and trying to do so much in life, then came death in my family my closes cousin was gunned down. I was in a very depressing stage but after a while, I picked myself back up and got it together. After a few years passed I ended up in the hospital, pain after pain over and over which I had to endure. I wanted to give up because of the excruciating pain I was in. So the doctors finally checked me and told me I have Crohn's diseases, I was sad mad and frustrated as well as confused about it, saying why me, why did I get this, I did deserve this, that’s what I said to my self. So finally they told me I had to get surgery because I had a fistula in me that was eating my intestines I couldn’t walk I couldn’t eat. 

Manny Ortiz Everything was bloody sharp pains, so the day of surgery was about three hours or four. I came out. I was in the hospital for more than a week to recover so the day I went home I was happy because it was Christmas and I wanted to make up for the time spend away, so I had fun in spite of my illness. Because I was in the hospital for about three months. Now all I want is to find a cure for Crohn's disease that will not only help my life but the lives of others as well.  

Many Ortiz, I need to know what foods to eat and if any as well as treatment to get rid of this rare disease, before it becomes out of control putting lives at risk. Doctors and scientist I do wish will work with me through the GCPTALKS, Inc to conduct a Crohn's-study research, that can make a difference for Americans and the entire world. People or potential patients may not have the money to fund the Crohn's illness, remember this can affect anyone rich or poor and people of any ethnicity and positions. Let’s start fundraising today to find a cure for crohn's disease?

Manny Ortiz, shall be interviewed on his interest through GCPTALKS GCPTV speaking about activities duty as an Ambassador seeking cure for Crohn's disease that is a life-threatening illness to Americans and lives beyond the United States and its terrifies. Manny Ortiz, shall work diligently giving speeches about his life miraculous experience with the Crohn's disease through our program and projects, not to mention working with others who have the same Crohn's issues. Manny Ortiz, I need volunteers from within America and throughout the Caribbean and the Africa United Kingdom and elsewhere. TV and Radio Cable Network along with social media you are being called on to support us

Manny Ortiz, is an American Puerto Rico whose wish is to be all that he can be, but he is the kind of person one can never get enough of, he is a good conservationist who isn’t afraid of speaking truth of his ordeal. Ones you get to know him you both will speak as if you met and spoken before. Manny Ortiz, speaks of life and living. You too will get the need, wanting to share your time and acknowledge to a man who experiences the worse than you. There you at that moment you will understand his pain and sense of purpose that he shares. He is very good with conversations about the depth of life and death. He is a conversationalist who wholes good point-on any topic. Manny Otiz, is a fast learner and a person willing to learn. He is one with a deep inner ability who wants to achieve the best in life that life itself has to offer. And for that Manny Ortiz needs your support to fulfill his purpose of making this his movement for life, he sees the need now as there is a cure for Crohn's disease?

The Biography of Manny Ortiz, states that he is a Crohn's patient which further means he is seeking the public attention into the understanding that crohn's disease should and must not be taken lightly. And additional information is that he is an activist state of mind who wishes to gain public support along with nurses, and with a team of doctors not to mention scientists. We will work on his Crohn's-cure campaign research. Manny Ortiz is now the Ambassador under the United State certified nonprofit corporation GCPTALKS, Inc

Garth Thompson, I pray that God will touch the people who will help Manny Ortiz in these times. And the most wonderful thing is that God would use him as a disciple to help, help somebody who is in need. God wants us to live loving, so we can help one another. When you think of doing good the almighty God appreciates you more because you uplifted humanity through his her dire needs.

Garth Thompson, If you wish to become a donor supporting, GCPTALKS scientist Crohn's disease research, you can make your donation today online at gofundme GCPTALKS scientists Crohn's researches. Our contributions to finding a cure for the disease Crohn's starts in 2020 with scientists research Funds, which giveback pledge starts at 25, 45, 55, 75, 100, 200 and 500 other 

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