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Justice Because all lives matter that's why, "Black Lives Matter"

Justice for all lives, it matters that's why black lives matter.

Its confusing when you read about cops killing black people for no apparently reasons every other day which seems to be monthly routines. If you did not hear of a cop killing a black man this month then shortly thereafter leading into two months more or less you will hear it on the news. If several months passes you can anticipate that within the third or so, months it will reoccur. Because it has played out on media TV and social media like Facebook and Instagram in the past and posting of cops and victims have reminded us. On black lives have been killed of the color of their skin and how their culture have been changed. As they're being murdered by cops who are racist in the first place to begin with. At this point you have to wonder when will all this ends? Black lives matter as been taken as less value, and this is a crime. Therefore, policy to protect black lives in order for their lives to matter depends on how you advocate on the issues. It will take a UN resolution and congress o debate on equal amendments. For it to matter is simple not there yet. It will be up to black lives who will ultimately establish their own freedom and protection policy, In order to feel empowered to declared their own power and strength as well as purpose. This type of crime has been seen on Television and else where for it not to be of great concerns.

Justice for all lives matter, that's why black lives matter.

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